Stay-At-Home Moms: How Do They Do It?

One question running over our minds is how do they do it? Women are known to be multi-taskers; doing one thing while planning to do another at the same time. Stay-at-home moms or simply known as housewives are women deciding to stay at home and take care of the kids and home duties like cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing and many more. This is discussed amongst the couple with the husband going to work and taking care of things financially and the wife taking care of things at home.


Even though a lot may look down on housewives it is by far the hardest job. Unlike many, it doesn’t have scheduled knockout times; it goes beyond the 9 to 5 many serve at work, and the worst part of it all is that there are hardly holidays. It’s a 365 days’ worth of work and no matter how much women may love their families it is very strenuous and stressful to do half the things they do on a daily bases.


They wake up before anyone does; prepare baths, clothes and breakfast for the family and then head to drop the kids to school. Come back; clean up the house, do a little laundry if its laundry day and just when they are finished with home duties they fetch the kids, make them something to eat and prepare dinner. When everyone is done eating they clean the kids up, put them to bed and then clean up the house, have a sleep and wake up the next day only to start the routine all over again.


Most women give up their social time to care for their loved ones which means the only interaction they ever have is one with their kids and a little with their partners. Being a housewife will risk ever having some me-time and getting to know things outside diapers and baby formula prices. Some even end up not taking care of themselves like they used to before quitting work partly because they feel it’s useless because they hardly go out in public.

Trying to stay sane in the mists of things

Having your alone time is not something selfish. Let’s be honest, you can’t continue pumping water while the tank is empty. Sanity is the ultimate goal and if you are not taking care of yourself like you should you won’t enjoy taking care of your family. Let hubby help you out for an hour or two when he comes back from work and use that time to let your hair loose in a bath tub with a glass of wine; it will do wonders.

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Plan out a schedule for everything, you will find that having everything planned out will bring some sort of relief; you won’t have to run around like a headless chicken. Let your kids also help out; you don’t have to do everything. Get them in a habit of taking initiative by feeding and dressing themselves up; there are various things that are age appropriate they can do on their own, it will teach them to be responsible for themselves and take a load of burden off your shoulders.

You will have, at some point, to get out and have intelligent conversation with people your age and catch up on what is going on around you. There might be a new Tai restaurant that you haven’t noticed because you are too occupied with your homely duties. Reserve every other week for you and your friends to go out and get your hair on fleek and that long deserving massage. Even if it’s for just a cup of coffee it will prove to be helpful and rejuvenating.

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