Secrets To Finding a Perfect Bra

A well overdue struggle, women have been battling for since the invention of a bra.


Yes, ladies we so love “the twins” but we can’t seem to get it right; the banding, cup sizes, strips and brands just sends us to the loony bin.

A lot of women find the experience of bra shopping unappealing and simply stressful; they push the day until they can’t dodge it anymore. Because we can’t live without them, we need to make sure that we befriend them and know every trick there is of getting ourselves the “perfect bra”.

It is not impossible to have a fitting bra that will enhance your outfit. I know we can never find it in ourselves to feel confident in what we do if we have the twins dragging us down.

We no longer have to deal with the sagging, bulging and the digging that happens in the hands of a wrong bra. I know a lot of women who continue buying wrong bras and it’s not because they are ignorant; buying a bra is not an act of fashion or style, it is science that holds a key to a comfortable lift.


How to tell your bra size?

Here is where your mathematics skills are tested; you will need a soft tape, a pen and a paper to note down your findings. Take off your upper-part clothing and remain with your bra; this is to make sure you get accurate figures, remember you will be in the comfort of your own home so there are no reasons of feeling uncomfortable. If you don’t have a soft tap you can use a yarn and measuring tape you have at home.

One: stand straight and don’t slog or hold up your breathe

Two: take a tape and measure around bellow your burst to find the band size (let’s say you get 37). Round up to the nearest number if you get e.g. 35.7, this will be a 36.

Three: take the tape again and measure around your bust, preferably over the nipples to get the burst size (let’s say you get 40).

Four: take the burst size and minus it to the band size and you will get your cup size (40-36 =4)

Five: Put everything together with cup size guide bellow. Your bra size is 36D, Yippee! We got it. Now enjoy shopping ladies.







How to wear your bra

To avoid your bra from sagging and wearing off easily, make sure you hook your bra from behind (your back); don’t hook it from the front and slide it to the back. Now pull up as high as possible the cups without lifting the back side; this will help in keeping the back of the bra low, giving the support the twins need. Lean forward and level all the soft tissue, in simple words tuck in the twins in the bra. If everything is in there, then once again you got it right.

Remember the following:

  • Bra sizes change as you gain and lose weight, so try to measure your size as your body changes.
  • Cup sizes increase with brand sizes; a 34D cup size will not be the same as a 36D cup size. If the band of a 34D bra is too tight, try a 36C bra size.
  • Twist your upper body when fitting a bra size to ensure that the bra stays put and if you are trying on a sports bra, jump around to ensure the same.
  • No matter how big the twins are, you will find a bra that will be fitting and sexy.

A few things about different bras available

Push up = lift the twins up and creates a slight cleavage

Wireless = excellent for comfort and coverage

T-shirt = makes nipples invisible in t-shirts and clingy clothes and shapes the girls

Demi = modifies cleavage because of its lesser upper coverage

Plunge = have a lower and smaller center helpful for plunging necklines

Strapless = perfect for strapless dresses and shirts; find one with wide band, silicone grips, deep underwire and bonding other the arms

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