Rules of Keeping a Friendship

Our friends better yet bffs (best friend forever) are the closest to us. Sometimes they even get us more than we do. They are literally a call away whenever we need a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. We have created tons and tons of memories with them that are nothing short of bursting laughters.


With all that, let’s admit it, there are a few short falls but generally in the end are what builds and strengthens a friendship.

Because nothing ever comes easy, friendship too needs some nurturing. I’ve had some friendships slip away, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that some girls are a load –they are more good when they are far from you. And then we have those who are our pillars of strength and when you see them your day just lightens up. There will be fights now and then but with true friendship nothing is ever permanent, except of course for the love and the looking out for each other.

What are the dos and don’ts of keeping a functional friendship?


Don’t date a friend’s ex

Women are emotional beings, when we love, well most of us, we love with everything inside and out. So having to lose that one person you thought will be part of your future is a bitter pill to swallow. Breakups for women take more than just a wild weekend and people that mostly have to deal with our heartaches are our friends. Having to date someone who you saw a friend being torn apart because is heartless. This is thee stab on the back –I mean it all seems like you were plotting to break them up so you can have a chance with the ex.


Do invest your time

No relationship just flourishes without being taken good care of, so to have that strong bond friends need to put time aside for each other. I admit we all have separate lives to live but going out with a friend doesn’t take all your time. It doesn’t have to be meetings at some restaurants; just a catch up on some DVDs with a bowl of homemade pop corn will do just fine. This will allow friends to know each other even more thus growing the friendship. The more we share moments together the more chances of us growing together without leaving the other friend behind.


Don’t talk behind a friend’s back

We have a tendency to let the tongue slip, it could be done unintentionally but we, as friends, need to count our words well. Friends share confidential things because they feel that they can trust each other, with that a friend should never ever discus a friend with another, no matter how trustworthy you think the other friend is. This breaks friendships faster than you can say “I’m sorry” Keep it and zip it.


Do keep your promises

I know a lot of friends that say if you want to break a friendship lend each other money. I find this a little bit strange because one of the main reasons of having a friend is to ask for help when it is needed. We just need to keep our word; if you promised to pay back the money in a week’s time, do so and if there were unforeseen circumstances communicate those with your friend. If a friend lent you a jersey take it back clean and in the condition you got it in.


Don’t be puppeteer

A lot of us love being the one steering the wheel and with that we tend to influence our friends to do all sorts of things. It could be because of the whole “comradeship” thing where things are more enjoyable when done in a group. This is not done for the betterment of the friend but for your sake. I mean things like “dump him” or “come on have one sip”. We need to respect our friend’s choices and not want them to be our shadows. Just because it didn’t work out for you it doesn’t mean it won’t work for a friend.

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