Planning a wedding on a budget!

For a bride setting a budget and sticking to it is one of the hardest things to do, add a little stress to the situation and you have yourself a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I personally think given the choice she would much rather choose swimming in tank with sharks than cutting down on her beautiful day!


Luckily there are some shortcuts to trim down on the wedding expenses without having to face your fear of sharks. Here are some ideas on areas you might be able to save if you want to splurge a little more on the dress and other things and avoid rocking in the corner like a two year old altogether.

Spend or save? The question we’re all faced with. Decide which items you absolutely can’t save on and which you should! If you decide that you won’t compromise when it comes to your wedding gown then you have to be a toughie and save where something else is concerned. Make a list first hand so you don’t have any surprises. Rank your priorities – what is the most important to you when it comes to the wedding.

Local is Lekker: A very powerful Afrikaans saying and one the folk can be very proud of! Instead of having everything flown in from an expensive island in the Maldives, scout around for local little shops that stock the produce at half of the price. Order flowers from the local market instead of a florist, cutting out the middle man and talk to your local bakery about individual sizes cakes. Not only do you buy a little cheaper but you’re also supporting the local community.

Ask for help! Use the resources that are at your disposal. If you have a family friend who bakes amazing pastries as a hobby then don’t “swoosh” her aside. Maybe one of your friends is gifted with a beautiful handwriting…. Epiphany: why not ask her super nicely if she’ll write your invitations. Have close family and friends over to help with centre pieces, beading chores or folding little gift boxes, there’s always something to do for someone and you’ll be surprised at how willing they might be to help!


Venue and season: Why have a banquette hall at all? Choose a restaurant with a nice ambiance. You’ll save so much on décor and hiring chairs and tables. Also take the location into consideration and where everyone will be staying. When planning a wedding in wedding season (Usually in Spring over to summer in South Africa) you’ll pay as much as 15% more on wedding merchandize pick a season where it might not be so busy and then complimenting that season with flowers and food that are available during that time.

Give a kid a break: Sometimes hiring an expert can chip away quite a bit of your budget. When it comes to photographers listen through the grape vine for up and coming young photographers, bands or musicians.

Your very own website: Something new and upcoming recommended by Lady Martha Stewart herself, is your very own custom made website where you can post all your latest details on. Save on printing and postage by sharing everything online – many businesses chare a small fee to use their webpages and templates but some charge nothing. See wedding Jojo for more help and info on how to set it up.


Bargain hunting: Instead of looking for that perfect glass vase why not just take a look around, finding and discovering something is not the same as having a list of things that have to be met and found. Bargain hunting is great fun and an excuse for girl friends to bond. Raid fabric stores, flea markets and negotiate for half price (you’ll be amazed at how exhilarating it feels). Masson and old Console Jars, classic wine bottles – the possibilities are endless and guests will remember your wedding for its rustic treasures.

If all else fails call in the expert: Many brides have said that they if they had to do it over they would hire a wedding expert. You might think a wedding planner is costly but she’ll have the low down on all the cheap vendors, they’re not afraid of bargaining and they have experience working with brides on a budget. Sometimes giving out when it comes to some areas can pay of tremendously.

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