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Creative DIY Tips for De-Cluttering Your Kitchen

On the top of the fridge a somewhat big bowl is filled with all sorts of goodies: sticky notes from 1993, an old dog lead and some keys that never had any functional use. Pots and pans are a game of Jenga and it’s a military mission diving into your Tupperware cupboard trying to find lids that are the right…

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8 Tips For Hosting a Great Dinner Party

Spring has arrived and with it a new sense of life emerges. Everyone is defrosting after the winter, slowly getting rid of their scarfs and the woolly socks. People turn back towards company just like a sunflower turns its head towards the light. A lot of catching up needs to be done and hosting for friends and family is always…

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Top 10 Day Spa’s in South Africa

With Such diverse beauty and imagination South-Africa makes it easy to find little TLC spots to rejuvenate that spring in our steps. Here are some of our countries top Day Spa’s.

Wedding Shoes And Their Statements

The dress, the hair, makeup, nails and when money fails to buy us happiness we’ll settle for a pair of shoes! Picking out the perfect wedding shoe is like slipping into that special pair of victoria secret lingerie. The one only allowed out of its box, when you’ve decided it’s time for a night out. Nobody necessarily sees it, but…

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Wedding Products: Featuring Fraai Meraai Designs

When planning your wedding you get so see some great products, cute ideas and designs that can be incorporated into your wedding theme. One such company is Fraai Meraai, who is totally blowing everyone away with their amazing ideas, unique products and cute designs. The lady responsible for all the goodies that you get to order is Cornea who can…

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Essential: Professional Hair & Make-up For Your Wedding

Ladies, we all know that feeling when you have your hair & make-up done by a professional. You look and feel special, you walk different, talk different and you just feel confident. Amazing what a little pampering can do. When you are preparing for a photo shoot, or are in the process of planning your wedding, make sure you book…

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Introducing Bodytec! EMS Training

We all know that feeling…summer is around the corner and we are desperately looking to get rid of the winter padding. In today’s busy lifestyle dedicating an hour to train or go to the gym seems a lot, considering our schedules. Women especially fall into this category.

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