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Dressing For Your Shape

Dressing your body is probably the biggest challenge women face daily. You page through the latest fashion magazines and spot a beautiful Maxi dress draped with chiffon and floral prints.  “Gosh this looks so beautiful” you ponder.. “I wonder if it will look so beautiful on me too?“ Well ladies, we are here to help and give you some tips…

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The Last Word Luxury Hotels Review

Relaxed, Rejuvenated, Energized.. The last words resting on you heart when you walk away from “The Last Word”… The “Last Word” is collection of Boutique Hotels, owned by the Intimate Hotel Group, scattered over the Cape region residing in Franschhoek, Constantia and Long Beach, Kommetjie.  Each Boutique Hotel offers an unique experience combining nature and luxury.

How To Pack Like A Pro For Your Trip!

That moment you have to think about packing your clothing, shoe, make-up, hair and toiletry cupboard in one bag not exceeding 23kg and not exceeding 90 x 75 x 43cm  for a 3 week holiday, well.. that is when I explode in a cold sweat followed by hot flushes and severe heart palpitations..

Lily’s Restaurant – The New Spot in Town..

The Name is Lily’s and she is part of the Kove Collection.  As we are all well aware by now, if she is from the Kove Family the bar is set high, we are talking about the setting, the decor, the drinks menu and of course the resplendent quality of ingredients infused to bring you the most delectable dishes.

CHARWHITE all natural teeth whitener

So two black tubs of charcoal was delivered to my house a few weeks ago and I was a bit reluctant to try this one out.. It is a rather messy affair.. After a few days of us staring each other down I decided to grab the tub by the throat and take advantage of its contents.

Traveling ASIA – Collaborative Opportunities with Inspired Women

Every year Inspired Women travels to different and exciting travel destinations. These trips are designed as an result of our wanderlust but also the perfect opportunity to showcase South African brands in international settings. We have different campaigns to offer for different products/needs/requirements that will fit your brand perfectly.

The Easiest Way To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Who does not love a fresh wardrobe, fashion looks that never gets old and outfits that is always in style? Having a never ending supply of wardrobe items is every woman’s dream but not  a reality…unfortunately. Most of us face the reality that we need to mix and match items in our closet to get new looks and outfits together…

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