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Discover Istanbul Part 2

Turkey is well known for their hand woven carpets, their leather products, nuts and dried fruit, marble tiles and ceramics. We had the fortunate opportunity to see how these carpets were made, from scratch! It can take weeks or even up to months for multiple ladies to make one carpet. I was absolutely blown away by their skill and precise…

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Discover Istanbul

A family holiday to Istanbul on the prestigious Turkish Airlines is just what the doctor ordered.  As we pack our bags we are not sure what to expect from this unique city.  I could only start imagining colourful, vibrant markets and street cafe’s with Turkish water pipes and delicious kebabs. As we make ourselves comfortable in our seats we are…

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Phone Protection – It’s a Clear Cut Case

Phone Protection – It’s a Clear Cut Case The much-anticipated local launch of the iPhone X is upon us. Apple’s 10th anniversary offering is loaded with plenty of high-end hardware and new features, including Face ID that unlocks the phone when users look at it, and wireless charging. But getting the latest smartphone in-hand is only half the battle won. Sure,…

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Traveling Iceland ~ All You Need To Know

When one of your bucket list destinations has always been Iceland, but the fact that it really is one of the furtherest countries to visit from Cape Town, makes going there a little harder…HOWEVER…boy am I glad I decided to book that ticket and visit one of the most incredible places on earth.   I flew to Reykjavik via a…

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Hello Carzar

There are a few phrases I very much dislike in life, like for example “Sold out”, “Insufficient funds” or when a sales person replies with a plain,”I don’t know”,  or when you get to one of ten tills at a supermarket and only one is operating and of course when you have to think about selling your car.. where do you…

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The Silo Hotel SPA Experience

Now the thing about the Silo Hotel is, it’s not just a hotel.. It’s an experience.. I have stayed in probably more than ten thousand hotels in my life to say that this one is.. well.. different.

Qatar vs Emirates ~ Which Airline Really is Best?

Been traveling extensively from South Africa to the world of late and I have been very blessed to be flying with some of the worlds best airlines. In South Africa we have two competing airlines that connects South Africans with the world, Emirates Airways and Qatar Airways. Recently I have been privileged to in a very short period apart try…

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