Miracles of shedding of a few kilos with what you wear

We all know how hard it is to go to the gym or keep a healthy diet to get slim. While we have attempted so many diets and studied ways to lose a few kilos it is still difficult to keep up with the lifestyle.


There are a few closet tricks that will make it possible for you to look confident in an allusion of a slender figure. Whoever knew that what we wear could be an answer to our secret prayers of finding something that will not require much effort but the much enjoyed shopping spree?

It doesn’t take much; you just have to be conscious of what you buy. There are colours, patterns and materials that need to be considered when shopping for clothing that will shed off a few kilos in the eyes of others. As much as we have clothes that will amazingly make us look slimmer, we also have those that will add unwanted kilos, which needs of us to stay away from at all costs. It is the overall effort you put that will determine the results; there are no short cuts because one wrong step will send you straight to the fashion police.

Invest in undergarments that fit

This not only applying to thicker or full-figured women, it includes all women in general. It is important that you get fitted for your actual bra size; this will prevent discomfort, scaring and bruising from wearing a bra size that doesn’t fit you accordingly. You need to also try stay away from g-string or bikini panties, buy those that will offer support and pull your buttocks, thighs and stomach up like boy-shorts or briefs. Nylon stockings can also shape you and sucks up unwanted bulging and rolls.


Stay away from clothing with no shape

It is obvious that shapeless clothing takes the shape of the body of the person wearing that item. It is therefore best to stay away from too clingy materials this could be spandex-like material because they expose all the rolls and folds. Boxy clothing is a no go; what you can try out is the v-neck shape which makes your neck look longer and slimmer. Guarantee that dresses and skirts you wear are just above, bellow or right on the knee and add a slim belt to your outfit.


 Know the right colour

Colour is important in making a women look slimmer. Black, being the number one colour, makes it possible to hide things we don’t want people to know about. Even though it might be hard to keep to black only you can try other dark colours like purple, navy blue or maroon. But if you are the colourful type you could play around with monochromatic colours; solid colours draw the eye to the upwards and downwards direction which makes you look taller and thinner. When wearing a bright colour ensure that you pair it up with a dark colour.

Vertical details

Vertical lines or details also make the eye look up and down as oppose to sideways. The size of the detail shouldn’t be large, try stick to small to medium patterns to avoid attention. Don’t dress like you are a game-ranger; in baggy Capri pants with hard material and flat ugly shoes, it does no justice to you. And remember you are not a tourist; there is no reason for you to wear prints on prints on other prints.

Add a little height

High heels not only do they add height and slim you a little bit they also give you your sexy. Pump heels with a platform do wonders and those that have a low vamp, showing off, let’s say your toe “cleavage” are amazing. Ankle straps and strappy heels can expose the rather unpleasing parts because they press-on to the foot causing bulging.

It is as simple as that, you need to know your body and what works for it. Everyone has beautiful features and those should be shown off. Remember to stay away from thick material, ruffles, heavy textures and shinny fabrics. And a little jacket with more than three buttons can go a long way.


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