Making Your Big Parts Looking Smaller

Let’s face it ladies, every one of us has some sort of insecurity with the way they look. Mostly this is not because we don’t like the way we look but rather how the public receive our looks. After this, you will be the only one knowing of your flaws with the rest getting the pimped-up made-fabulous version. Magicians are not the only ones with tricks on their sleeves; we can also master the illusion for our beauty purpose.

The big forehead

If you are a Tyra Banks or Christina Ricci type with big foreheads and you have been struggling to be fabulous, worry no more ladies, there are various hairstyles you can have to hide a little bit of your forehead; giving you the confidence you have always wanted. You can pull a side bang and bang! you are all good to go. You can also have a fringe or spice things up with a curl or a wave with hair hanging from the side.


The big feet

We also have something for the size 9 ladies. The secret with masking big feet is the tease; don’t let everything out, just give off a little. When you are the flats kind; wear sandals that are darker colours and have wider straps. Go for Hercules sandals; never ever gun yourself down skimpy sandals. Heels are the number one fixer even if they are two inches long, they will do. Don’t ever miss a chance to wear dark coloured ones which are round edged as oppose to the pointy ones; pump heels are thee way.


The big arms

The answer is to not have clothes that will cut right in the middle of your big arms or those that are too tight by them. Try having long sleeves and if they are going to be tight try rich colours. Let the arms breath by masking them with loose fabric by the arms. Wear those kimonos, cardigans, blazers and shawls.


The big ears

Big ears are a drainer especially if you are fabulous like that and love experimenting with earrings. You can shift the focus to the ear and hide them with hair that has volume then you can have your big earrings showing but your ears hidden. If you prefer to have your hair in a bun or ponytail you could choose to go studs; keep it classic with your gold, silver and bronze but if you want to add some shine try colours that are strong, your purple, maroon royal blue. There shouldn’t be too much action with big detailing; your simple button-like is enough.


The big hands

We love manly but on our hubbies not on our hands so you can try get the look of small hands with a few tricks. Take care of those hands ladies; exfoliate and moisturise them no excuses. Groom groom and groom; have your nails clean and well taken care of. Don’t go for super long nails that will make you look like a drag-queen; middle sized ones will be enough. Have solid colours for nail polish and stay away from creative arty nails, they will bring unnecessary attention.


The big thighs

Don’t drown yourself in huge clothing that will make you bigger than you actually are. You can have flared dresses that clinch to your top and let loose from your waist down to your knees. You will have to accept that your body is not fit for short shorts and move on to things that will keep you glitz. Dark colours again work wonders, and make it win with accessories that are simple. Don’t wear leggings as pants; actually even if you have “normal” looking thighs don’t wear leggings as pants that thing is not pretty.


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