Lemon water and its benefits


Lemon water has made the rounds in keeping healthy and detoxing. It is surprising the amount of interest this has triggered because after all this citric fruit is known to be quite bitter and not so pleasing to the taste buds.


Incorporating it in your early day routine program has proven to have an assortment of health benefits.

It is vital that everything is done correctly –have a glass of purified lukewarm water with a squeeze of half a fresh, preferably organic lemon everyday in the morning before having your breakfast. Because lemon juice is hard on the enamel of our teeth which poses as a harmful agent; it is best to have the drink after you have brushed your teeth or wait a reasonable amount of time (15 to 30 minutes) before brushing them after you have drank the lemon water.


Benefits of having luke-warm water with a squeeze of lemon

Good for the digestive process

Having this drink before having anything to eat in the morning will help cleanse toxins in your body by encouraging the liver to produce the acid that is responsible for digestion. Your body will find it easy to flash out everything not needed by your system. Lemons also help cleanse the liver and aid its functions because it contains citric acid that makes it simpler for food to be easily broken down; controlling harmful organisms. It also keeps heartburn, bloating and belching at a minimal.

Fights colds

Lemons contain vitamins that are needed for the body to fight bacteria and viruses. The properties in it –strong antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting power; makes it possible for colds, fevers and flues to heal faster as it increases sweating.

Aids loss of weight

Even though this does not necessarily make people lose weight but it contributes in keeping at ease unhealthy habits of eating all the time. Lemons contain pectin fiber; this helps in cases of stopping eating too much by suppressing hunger. lemon

Clears skin

Having clear and rejuvenated skin is part of the benefits you will find in the lemon water. The drink will provide your skin with vitamin c and antioxidants that assist in keeping the skin revitalised from within and keep away development of wrinkles, blemishes and giving off a glowing skin. It also serves as a natural antiseptic medicine; taking part in curing skin-related problems. When applied in burns, scars fade away; finally, it acts as a cooling agent to the skin.

Energy and mood boost

Because lemons have high content of vitamin c that contains micro-nutrients they aid in enhancing mood to be more positive and are responsible for acting as a natural stress and fatigue reliever. Substituting coffee with lemon water is a healthy choice and gives you a more natural energy and mood boost. It also has triggers that assist in dealing with anxiety and depression.

Freshens breath

Lemon water eliminates bad smell with its strong citrus smell and reliefs tooth pain and, if massaged in the area experiencing pain in the gum it may aid in diminishing the pain or bleeding of gums. It is also famous for helping in fighting throat-related problems and tonsils with its antibacterial property; it is effective when frequently gargle with.

While keeping routine for the drink remember it is the lemon that plays the most significant part; you can have a slice or two of it with any drink you like. It is important to have it in the morning before consumption of any foods but if you wish, you could have it two times a day. Some may choose to ad a pinch of salt or a little honey to it either way we can’t shy away from its great benefits.

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