Is this long distance relationship killing you?

Some say long distance relationships work and some say they don’t but what we can’t hide from is that they are still happening.



It is the most heartbreaking experience to hear that your significant other is moving to another province or worse, another country. It is a situation that a lot don’t want to find themselves in because, for others it may results in unwanted breakups.

One thing you should never do is make your partner compromise the opportunity that awaits them thousands and even million miles away. No matter how much you feel you will be lost without them it would be unfair of you to stand in a way of their growth even if it would risk losing him entirely. If they listen to you and stay, you would be reminded of that fact should things not go well with their career. Let it come from them and support their decision.


When the elephant is out of the room, you and your partner need to make sure that you get into the most intense conversation. Be realistic in the time you will be spending apart; they will sure feel longer than they actually are. Decide if you are willing to continue with the relationship, date outside the relationship and only get back when they return or breakup. Don’t hide any feelings of fear or concerns; it is better everyone knows each other’s position before the actual move.

How to make sure you stay connected?

You can go the old route and make sure that either one of you visit each other during holidays. You will want to make the best out of the little time you have with each other. If he shows that he is willing to squeeze the little time he has free to come see you try and do the same with him. Spend meaningful time exclusively together especially if it’s not going to be a long holiday.

Thanks to new technologies that are forever evolving to make it easier for communication. You need to call each other or send each other written letters every once in a while; these will be more sentimental because you will be hearing his actual voice or seeing his actual handwriting. It kind of brings life to the distance.

On a regular day you can keep contact through instant messaging and other social networks. If you miss them dearly you can stalk them a little bit on social media or check photos you took with each other.


How to keep intimacy going?

You can still keep intimacy with your partner through technologies. You can sex Skype each other; have a strip tease for him and anything more that you both feel comfortable engaging in through video chat. You can send each other intimate pictures even though this can prove to be a risk as it might end up in wrong hands. You can also choose to go the old school phone sex; talk dirty to each other.

How to grow the relationship?

The relationship doesn’t have to wait for you to be physically with each other for it to grow. You can share everything with each other this could be your future goals and your day-to-day activities. Make sure you stay faithful and avoid temptation by not taking into heart all the negative talks your girlfriends may pose on you. You need to keep the relationship exciting at all times. Make them think about you even when you are not talking; this could be achieved by tasking each other to do various things, it could be knitting a scarf within a week or learning to play an instrument in a period of three weeks or a lot more activities.

You could keep interacting through playing online games with each other or exercise together through video calling or learn various things together like baking and video-call each other trying out recipes. It is not as hard as it may seem; if both of you put as much effort in making it work then you will not encounter much problems.

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