How to surprise your man!

I read on article from the 1950’s on how to be a good wife! I had a good giggle at some of the suggestions there! It said things like “a woman must know her place” and “offer to take off his shoes”. My favourite was “His boring day may need a lift and it is one of your duties to provide it” Absolutely classic! I wonder if the women in the 50’s really took this advice.


There were one or two things, however, that I took away from it. It said that on a hot summer’s day to have a cold drink waiting for him and on a Cold winter’s day let him come home to a nice hot drink. I thought that was one very cute idea and really not much work involved.

Organise a road trip, take a picnic and see some local sights. Spend the whole day together and cosy up on the picnic blanket

Pick up a 6 pack for him and put in the fridge when he least expects it. Or this works with any of his favourite foods really! Stock up the cupboards with biltong! The point is to make him know you were thinking of him.

The good old candle lit dinner. Cook his favourite meal and a glass of wine or two. You could also just forget to wear your underwear or wear fishnet stockings. I bet he would love that! It would be a candle lit dinner to remember!

What about a surprise getaway, even if it’s just to a hotel room for the night? Just for fun! Why not?


Send him a package to work with all his favourite things.

Why not wake him up for some good morning adult fun! Initiate sex

Dedicate a song to him on the radio, make him a CD with his favourite songs or even make him a music video.

Do a little dance for him….

Repair something of his that is broken, or sew those hems of his pants…. (or get some to do it and say you did)

Send him some naughty texts at work to remind him of what he will be getting when he gets home. (Just remind him to also delete them immediately)

Surprise him at work with and I love you call. For no reason just to say you love him and he is special.

Do one of his favourite hobbies with him. Take him to a sports game or play a round of golf, or at least try.


Give him a foot rub or a massage.

Surprise him with a movie and popcorn night at home.

Put love notes on the fridge

Make a ‘love trail’ .When he gets home he must find all your notes or trails of petals leading to the bedroom where you will be waiting.

What about surprising him with a fun costume? A French maid’s outfit, Marilyn Monroe, Wonder woman or Red Riding hood?

Why not make a little effort and surprise your man? We don’t need to resort to 1950’s tactics thankfully but we can be creative and do something special for our men on occasion.


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