How to have healthy looking nails

Have you ever looked at your friend’s nails and thought “girl you need an intervention?”

Well you don’t have to be the friend that has horrible looking nails and get weird stares from strangers. You can easily take care of your nails without spending rands of rands going to a nail salon; it is as simple as taking a few minutes out of your schedule and getting busy.


With women, nails are a reflection of who we are; you can tell a lot from just looking at a woman’s fingernails. Wonderfully well groomed nails finish off a woman’s look because after all with beauty, it all comes together; nothing can ever be left unattended. There is no excuse in taking the initiative in having a clean look.

Cleaning your nails up

It is vital that you get your nails cleaned up; this can be done by soaking your nails in lukewarm soapy water for a period of 5 to10 minutes. You can add essential oil preferably lavender flavour, Epson salt and lemon juice to keep your finger nails healthy. Use a soft nail brush to scrub off dirt underneath your nails, you can choose to do, as an extra, sugar to exfoliate your hands and get read of dead cells.

Giving nails moisture

Apply hand lotion on your hands or nail cream and cover your hands with a wash cloth for about 7 minutes to allow the moisture to penetrate. To further moisturise them you can use cuticle oil or petroleum jelly; this also makes your fingernails stronger. And after that push back your cuticles with a dry cloth, ensure that you don’t cut or pull your cuticles as this may open up to bacteria.

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Protecting your nails

When doing house chores make certain that you always wear rubber gloves to protect your nails from wearing weak and discolouring them due to coming into contact with harmful chemicals present in detergents and other cleaning products. It also important that you sterilise the tools you will be using, like nail clippers and scissors.


Keeping nails strong

Use oil based nail polish remover to prevent damage to your fingernails. Try not to overdo it with nail polish, keep it as less frequent as possible because nail polish tempers with the strength of nails, once a week is a fair practice. Invest in quality nail polish, it will be less harmful and will last longer, putting you off on painting your nails every time. Do not use nail polish that has passed its expiry date. And you can put on acrylic or gel nails to keep your nails stronger, it is also a good option for those who bite their nails.

Avoid damage to nails

File your nails in one direction as oppose to left and right motions because this damages your nails, buy quality products that will be friendly to your nails. Never use a nail-filler while your nails are wet or use harsh nail care products. Keep away from washing your hands in super cold or hot water, lukewarm water will do perfectly fine. And try keep your nails dry at all times to avoid bacteria and fungi growing in your nails because of the moist and splitting of fingernails.

What you put in, in your mouth always has in impact in the functioning of your body and it is no difference with your nails. Eating healthily will impact positively on the growth and strength of your nails. Add in your diet foods containing calcium, vitamin A, phosphorus, zinc, folic acid and vitamin C; these can be easily found in dairy products such as, yogurts, milk and cheese and green leafy vegetables like; spinach, broccoli and various herbs and finally eggs and fish. Drink a whole lot of water to get read of all toxins and to get healthy nails that are smooth, have a consistent colour and no spots or discolouring.

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