How to handle shoe problems

I cannot emphasize further on the love women have for shoes, we love them high, flat, pencil heel to wedge, daring black to sexy red –need I say more. We can get a bit excited from the fact that we will be spoiled with choice and just wish we could bring along a pillow and sleep there. Even though we love shoes we cannot overlook that there are things that shoes can do to set an alarm with us. We are here to make shoe problems a thing of a past with these few tricks:

Stretching new shoes

A fitting shoe is a day well spent to women and the store can, more often than not, supply shoes that are a bit tight. If you find yourself in that position, try pouring water into a zip lock bag; filled to about half the bag. Tuck the water filled zip lock bag in your shoes and then place your shoes in the freezer until bag is completely frozen. About 4 to 6 hours later take your shoe out and if your shoe hasn’t stretched, you can repeat the procedure.

You could also use a heating method which will require for you to put on your tight shoe with a pair of socks, if you need the size to be greater wear more than one pair of socks. Plug in your hair dryer and put it to high directing the heat to the area you feel is too tight and make sure you bend your toes or do any foot movement to stretch the material. Leather usually works better with this technique.


Revamping faded colour and material

You might be still hanging on to those shoes because you only wore them a couple of times and they lost their colour after a few wash. This is usually a problem with fabric shoes that are darker in colour because they absorb the sun more than light coloured materials. You can use fabric dye and make sure you use one that is suitable for the material you are intending to dye. There are precautions you need to take like using latex gloves and protecting the inside of the shoe with newspaper. If you are not satisfied with the colour, allow them to dry and then repeat the process.

If you have a pair of pointed heels and they have cheeped from the front you can experiment with your nail polish and turn them to a monochrome colour. Paint about an inch of the front part with a different colour that you feel will match the original shoe colour and then follow with a clear nail polish.


 Getting the funk smell off your shoes

We all have that problematic pair of shoes that stink up quite easily. No need to walk around in that embarrassing look on your face. You can dry your shoes every time you take them off by placing them by the heater or sun; this will prevent bacteria from growing and causing an even more stink. Take two fabric freshener sheets and ball them up and then slide two per each shoe and let it do its wonders.

For the fruity grace, you can place citrus peels into your shoes overnight and they should come out amazing. And for a more chemical approach you can take a pair of socks and fill them up with kitty litter or baking soda and tie them to a knot to keep everything intact and then put the sock into the shoe; this can be done on a daily basis. Remember a pair of clean fresh socks that are dipped into gracious amounts of fabric softener will make things better. Never, I repeat, never repeat a pair of socks, wear once and wash. A fluff of baby powder to your fit also does a trick to keeping your feet dry.


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