How to get ready for an outing in a few minutes

We have been complained to about our indecisiveness when it comes to the right outfit to pick for the day. It gets so bad that we change up to four times. They don’t really understand that it is as frustrating to us as it is to them –we are not doing this to torture anyone, we just want to look our ultimate best.

With styling our hair, putting on makeup, matching outfits it will obviously take a lot of time to perfect the awesome look. Because there are a whole lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing your #ootd (outfit of the day) things like the weather, the type of occasion and your mood to mansion a few it is not a surprise that it takes so much time. Don’t leave everything for the next day; visualise at least two outfits for a rainy and a hot day before you shut your eyes for a sleep.

The hair

Long hair, extension and braids are harder to keep because you want to add a dash of personality unlike with your bob, you just wake up brush and you are ready to go. A bun is ultimately the best way to go.

Casual look

Moisturise your hair and run your fingers through it

Find the middle point of your head –this is where you will tie your hair. Make sure you don’t press your hair flat because the aim is to have a ruffle bun

Your hair should be in a high ponytail, hold the tail and loosely round the knot with it

Secure the bun with hair pins (ideally the long ones)

Pop some hair spray and you have a bun!


Formal look

Repeat number 1 and comb your hair (wide teeth comb)

Press your hair a little bit tight and tie it from the bottom of your head

Braid the tail and secure with a hair band

Loosen the braided tail by pulling it each side to get a frilly tail


The makeup

You don’t need to couture up to look like you put on some effort to your look. Remember perfection takes time –leave that to when you have enough of that. There are a few items that will make-you-up greatly.

Casual look

Put on your mascara

Add a dash of eyeliner

Pop a bright lipstick


Formal look

Fluff with powder

Stencil your brows

Be generous with mascara

And put on your gloss


The outfit

Try not to let your outfit comprise of small many things put together. You and I know that putting together a puzzle take more than just 5 minutes. Try to always have an extra item you can put on should the weather change.


Have a pair of denim pants or shorts (we choose denim because it literally goes with anything. You don’t have to worry with it clashing

Have on oversized shirt, printed vest and t-shirt, basically any top that tickles your fancy

Put on some sandals to complete the outfit, Hercules take a lot of adjusting and drama –leave those out

You can accessorise with a watch, girly snapback/ glasses and chunky neckpiece

Have a denim jacket or kimono encase it gets a little chilly



One piece is ideal in this situation because formal is hard to put together than casual. Put on your black dress

Pair it up with pump heels, something you will simply slide into

For a relaxed look put on silver accessories and for a fun look put on coloured bangles, neckpiece, earrings (studs) and for a touch of personality a ring of your choice

Have a cardigan or blazer should the weather change


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