How to deal with a break in at your house

There is nothing worse than coming home from working and seeing your door ajar, a sick feeling hits your stomach. You walk into your house only to find it completely trashed and notice your possessions are missing! It is a feeling of utter violation!

Police crime scene


A fear and anger immediately grip you at once. If you do ever unfortunately find yourself in this situation, dealing with it in the correct way can help you heal from the ordeal and eliminate the stress involved.


Call your spouse if they have not yet come home or call someone close to you to come and help you with the break in shock. An extra person just helps you to think of things you haven’t, or even just to make you a cup of tea and help you relax. If you have children, maybe phone a friend to have them for the rest of the day while you sort things out and clean up. Also get a good friend who will come and help you with the clean up.


You will have to call the police of course but also contact your insurance company. You should have previously made a list of your valuables and you can communicate with your insurance broker as to what is covered and when you can get paid out. Make sure you have remembered all the items that have been stolen as sometimes in the confusion of everything, some assets can be accidently overlooked.


If any damage is done to your property, such as a broken window or a broken lock, it would be wise to get it tended to immediately. You do not want the thief returning because they know you are now vulnerable.

Security System

If you haven’t previously had any security or alarm system installed, it may be worth considering after a break in preventing further incidences and also making you feel safer. You can even purchase a video camera system or even fake video cameras to deter any criminals. You may need to get new stronger gates or purchase new locks on your doors.


It is important to seek counselling after a burglary, even if you think you are fine as the counsellor can help with feelings of fear or anxiety or any PTSD symptoms that may have occurred. If there are children get them to draw a picture of the experience as this will help them to process with what has occurred.

It is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. The best would be prevention, setting up and alarm system or fitting a secure gate can just add that extra bit of security. Close all windows and close any curtains if you go out so that potential burglars cannot see that Lap Top or flat screen TV from the street. Leave the radio on or TV blaring so there is the appearance of someone being home. Have important emergency numbers readily available or memorised.



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