How not to sabotage your healthy diet

Diet, so many of us have heard so much of this word that it has gradually lost its true meaning. I have had people describing diet as fasting or starving yourself to even eating greens all the time. While not too far from the truth, diet is simply what a person chooses to eat on a daily basis, it could be good or bad. Unlike many of the weight loss programmes available, diet is more of a lifestyle than just a 10 day thing you need to do for your upcoming wedding.

I know a lot of us have lost count of the number of times we have committed ourselves to having a healthy diet or lifestyle. It is truly hard to make it a success with the juicy greasy food roaming our eyes at lunch time. Even though a healthy diet has its perks of losing weight the ultimate goal is to keep yourself healthy enough to dodge illnesses that come with unhealthy food choices.

Don’t tell anyone about your plan

Initially it would be advisable if you were to keep your decision to yourself. People have expectations and are very judgmental so until you are strong enough to resist their frequent “know it all” unsolicited advice, don’t tell everyone about it. It is nice to have support from people but this is not always the case –some will be discouraging leading you to give up on your plans.

Don’t set unrealistic goals

We get all excited and goal driven that we set crazy goals. If you have set plans to do this and that and you fail, it only goes downhill from there on. You need to take it super easy, introduce the foods with that you are already eating and then slowly eliminate unhealthy foods. We sabotage ourselves more often than not with unrealistic goals. Evaluate yourself and what you personally know you can handle and then run with it.


Don’t live a lie

You know that you are just too keen on the meaty cheesy pizza and that it will be hard to drop it completely. Giving up foods we love is one of the reasons that get us back to our unhealthy ways of living. Some may say find alternatives to the food but let’s face it; it won’t taste the same no matter how delicious the healthy substitute is. You can have your burger but as a treat, make it at least once a week. Remember this is a lifelong commitment and you can’t fool yourself in thinking you will go about without your heartfelt favourite food forever.


Don’t be spontaneous with food

Unlike the regular folk you can’t afford to be spontaneous with your lunch. You need to plan out the food you will have –it would be nice if you plan out your menu on Monday for the whole week and to at least have a lunch box. It is easy to slip up if you are planning to eat out especially if you will be with friends that won’t be having the same meal. Pack a few healthy snacks too so you don’t find yourself finishing the whole potato chips bag.


Don’t be on the dark

Just because it looks good it doesn’t mean it is good. I’m not saying you should obsess about the whole thing, weighing your food. Remember this should be something that will be your life, so don’t make it hard for yourself. Research on the diet plan before committing to it, and know what will be required of you to and not to put in your mouth. It is better if you are armed with information earlier on and know what you are getting yourself into.



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