Hello Carzar

There are a few phrases I very much dislike in life, like for example “Sold out”, “Insufficient funds” or when a sales person replies with a plain,”I don’t know”,  or when you get to one of ten tills at a supermarket and only one is operating and of course when you have to think about selling your car.. where do you go?!


I recently had an incredible (first bad, then good experience) with the latter.. I jumped on the first few sites on my always-reliable search engine, but after a few dodgy phone calls and failed attempts to pitch for their viewings, my trust in potential buyers failed miserably.  To my great relief a friend suggested to try Carzar.  What else did I have left to loose in this frustrating situation, I might as well jump all in, after all bad experiences comes in three – they say…

I logged onto their website, filled in my details and less than a minute later I had to confirm a date and time for an inspector to come inspect my car.  Sitting there in my chair I asked myself what is the catch, can it be so easy?  So quick?  And so convenient to sell my Car?  The date and time arrived, the inspector came and assessed and I was left in awe as he offered me cash on the spot for my little sparkly-oh-so-trustworthy-karretjie.  It was more than I bargained for.. Still I was left thinking what is the catch?  “No catch Mam”, the inspector replied as he could clearly read my bedazzled and confused face.  “This is who we are and this is what we do”, he replied with a very big smile showing of his pearly whites.  Off course he had every right to do so because he just confirmed that Carzar is indeed the best option for anyone to sell their car.

My car has long been sold, for far more than what I bargained for and still I think there must be a catch..  Technically the expiry date for the “catch” has long gone so this is why I can highly recommend the brilliant service of the oh-so-trustworthy and professional service of Carzar..

Give them a try..

You wont regret it!

Click here to check them out

Till next time xoxo


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