Have You Been Pole Dancing Yet?

Intrigued by the heading you see at the top you’ll immediately want to read this article a little bit further, just to take a peek and see exactly what it is I’m going on about – but this is no mistake. What follows is the unmistakable truth about why more women today should pole dance. Now this might come as a bit of a shock but why should it? Pole dancing classes are no different from your everyday “bums and tums” session at the gym.

When hearing the word “pole dancer” the image of a voluptuous young women bending in weird and exotic ways might pop up into your imagination. It’s understandable; society has been associating and portraying this pass time with night clubs, private events and girls in very little clothing. Not any more though – this dance style has exploded into a mainstream hobby and women and girls all around the globe are attracted to pole dancing, mainly because of its fitness purposes and the sexy feeling that comes with it.

pole dancing

Not your average Yoga workout.

Like all types of dancing, pole dancing gives you a cardiovascular workout, burning fat and getting your blood pumping. According to a “Dance Pole” article by Kim Brown pole dancing also improves muscle definition and over all toning especially when it comes to those little problem areas we as women face like abs, arms, thighs and bums. Pole dancing helps you burn calories faster without having to spend endless hours running on a treadmill in the gym and it’s fun!

Today pole dancing is considered performance art where dancers actually compete and are judged on their skill, stamina and grace, and why not? These ladies have got some skill and a certain fire to them, manoeuvring themselves up a very thin vertical pole (very gracefully I might add) and spinning, twisting and climbing while having the perfect posture, balance and stability

It’s great fun.

Other than pole techniques and all fitness talk aside – pole dancing is just over all a great way for girlfriends to try something new, exotic and a little out of their comfort zone together. “It’s an experience that may just be the most fun you’ve ever had with your girlfriends” Spin-on-fitness says

It has proven to be very popular amongst Hen parties and bachelorette evenings. Apparently girls these days even practice pole dancing beforehand in order to show off their skills to their friends.


You are a woman! 

Some women paint while others wear pretty clothes or maybe even write out their frustrations but expression is part of what makes us human and as a being it’s something that comes natural, so when a women feels sexy through dance and pole dancing as such I encourage it with everything me.

The world breaks women down in more ways than one so celebrating and appreciating our bodies is a must in today’s society and it should not be considered wrong. Some women might find pole dancing a little abrasive and out of their comfort zone but others like Lissa Rankin finds it sexy and empowering “I leave feeling powerful, sexy, grounded, inspired, and awakened. It’s magical to witness the transformation.”

Christian Aguilera once said “The female body is something that’s so beautiful. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not diss other women for being proud of theirs!” If we all had this mind set more women would be at peace with themselves and I like to think that pole dancing might give women a chance to see themselves in a different light.


Where do I sign up?

A very popular organisation in South Africa at the moment is PFASA or the Pole Fitness Association of South Africa (Affiliated with the international Pole Fitness Association (PFA)). This company maintains and develops the image and standards of the pole fitness industry and promotes pole dancing as an amazing form of exercise and means of empowerment for women. Their mission and vision is “To preserve the integrity and professionalism within all of South Africa’s pole fitness studios”. The company also made headlines when they attempted to get pole fitness into the 2012 Olympic Games.

By simply going to their web page you’ll be able to find a local pole fitness studio close to you through their studio directory search. They promise their instructors to be highly trained, qualified and experienced. The Instructors are also up to date with the industry and use safe equipment and facilities with a professional attitude at a reasonable price. Take a peek at their website and find a studio close to you to get a sexy workout going: www.pfasa.co.za

Pole dancing might be taking the world by storm for its fitness purposes, but in theory I hope more women open themselves up to it simply because of the feeling you’ll get when you try it. In 1849 a German feminist by the name of Louise Otto (Luise Otto-Pters) said “The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that… women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.” Own what makes you, you. Celebrate yourself the way you want to be celebrated and whatever you do always, always express yourself with passion.

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