Getting a professional look right at home

Staying beautiful couldn’t be more expensive –I mean we spend loads of money in salons, cosmetic shops and so much more just to get the J Lo look. Like our parents told us, money doesn’t grow on trees, so we have to save where we can. But this doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the quality. We want people to stop us and ask “where did you do your hair”. DIY doesn’t only include overalls and hammers; we too ladies can DIY our face, hair and so much more. Without wasting time let us get on with it…


Bye Bye stained teeth, hello sparkle


I will, of course, start with what I have recently tried which has worked wonders. I wouldn’t lie to you ladies, try this as in now. I’ve been thinking of visiting a dentist to whiten my teeth and I went on an internet feast and I got it, bicarbonate of soda. For no more than 7 days, every morning I would dip a tooth brush in water and then to bicarbonate of soda and brush for no more than 2 minutes. I would then thoroughly rinse both my teeth and brush with warm water and then follow with tooth paste. All I can say is I am seeing sparkles and I love it.



Away with plain nail polish, hello arty

I say beautiful nails makes a woman feel an edge of extra glam. From my high school years I had always wanted something different and it started with the daring colours like lime, yellow orange, which back in the days people didn’t quite get. And well I can strongly say that an arty look can be achieved without going to a nail salon. How do you do it? It’s easy.


-Paint your nails in one colour and when it has dried up follow with dots and you can get your dots by dipping bobby pins in a different colour. Where you dot them is totally up to you and finish off with top clear coat.


-A vertical or horizontal straight line could be achieved by using tape. Cut two stripes of tape and place them on your nail at opposite ends leaving the space you will paint on in a different colour. NB: make sure the first coat has completely dried up before the tape part and follow with a clear top coat.




No to ratchet eyebrows, hello fleek

We want our eyebrows on fleek, so what we do first is tweeze the bush a little bit for the eyebrows to assume the stencil shape without anything sticking. Place the eyebrow stencil from one corner to another and mark the edges with a pencil, it should have guides and from there on you can follow with a bush of whatever colour you want for your brows of course following the pencil guides. It is seriously that easy. Remember to maintain the shape of your eyebrows; don’t go completely off.

Round shaped face

Should opt for high arched brow. The brow should have straight lines to the peak; this gives shape to the face drawing the eye up and down because of the pyramid-like brow.

Oval shaped face will be complemented by a soft angled eyebrow shape. It should go straight up and gently round at the top and then down.



Leaving the pale look, hello fab tan


You need to first exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead cells and then shave your body up for a model-like look; this should be done well before the tan. Wear your latex gloves and then use your tanning lotion and stand in front of two full-sized mirrors to see exactly what you are doing. The face, elbows and knees tend to be problematic areas so try and use less in these areas because they will give away the DIY job. A tanned body needs to stay hydrated so lotion up and stay glowing. The sun is no way to get a tan only a way to ruin your skin putting you at risk of skin cancer. Good luck on your DIY projects.

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