Funny and relevant differences between men and women.

I went out with some friends the other night and got there early, only to be seated right next to a newly forming “Gentlemen’s club” or more accurately a drinking club.



As I sat there my eavesdropping gave me wide insight into the mind of a man. I also got to hear the deep dark secrets of total strangers as they had their, what they called “Smut for the week” which is a man’s way of saying ‘confession time!’ Smut is apparently stories with graphic or sexually explicit events. Yes you learn something new every day!


Women are not so different from men in this regard really. We get together, call it ‘Girls night out’ or ‘book club’ or ‘church’ and we share our conservative stories with each other and get things off our chest. We gossip about other women and share their stories too! The only difference between us and men here is we are less graphic and we share our feelings and emotions where as men can be quite vulgar and they seem to be able to separate emotion from the story. Women will encourage each other and try help one another and men seem to spur one another on by perverse joking, teasing, pranking and laughing at each other’s faults. Women will communicate through dialogue, discussion of emotions, choices and problems and men will bond over sports, drinking and other activities and no conversation is even necessary!


Someone once explained a man’s brain as having an on off switch. It’s that simple, if you talk too much to them, the switch just goes off. Women’s brains are more like an advanced, aptly named, motherboard of a computer. Women will elaborate every detail of a story and men only stick to raw facts. Women use the cerebral cortex of the brain for solving problems and men use an entirely different part of the brain, the left hippocampus, for the same function! Women have a multiple web of thoughts going on all at the same time! They are always thinking and all their thoughts are connected with other thoughts. It’s like having too many tabs open on your computer. Men on the other hand can arrange their thoughts into little neat files or boxes! And they can only take out one file at a time. According to Mark Gungor, author of “Laugh your way to a better marriage” men even have a ‘Nothing box!’ Yes when you ask them what they are thinking and they say ‘Nothing!’ it really is nothing!!

When it comes time to wake up in the morning, how come a man can look exactly the same as when he went to sleep and a woman looks like she went out sleepwalking through a hurricane. Then getting ready for work, a man can wake up late and be read in 10 minutes and a woman takes 3 hours! Women have to make the coffee, make the lunches, make sure kids have had breakfast, put on a load of washing then she has to wash her hair, dry it ,hair iron it, do her make-up, choose something to wear, have a melt down because what she has chosen doesn’t fit anymore, then chose something else.

Men just want to be needed and they also just want you to feed him, sleep with him and leave him alone. Women want everything! They want a best friend, a lover, they want a lot of attention and presents on their birthday which you must never forget!!!. There are so many things that make us different and we never are going to understand each other! We really do seem to be from 2 different planets.

“we are unique individuals with unique experiences”
John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus



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