Four beauty products you should carry in your bag

We all love looking beautiful when leaving the house and for women, beauty includes a whole lot of products coming together to create a master-piece of a drop dead gorgeous wonder women.


We can be thankful to makeup for making it possible for women to be able to cover up what they feel insecure about and accentuate what they love about themselves and overall bringing everything together in making us feeling happy with how we look thus being confident with what we do or where we go.

We spend hours and hours in front of the mirror trying to get the look we want whether it being the poppy Nicki Minaj, the boyish Rihanna or the classy Mariah Carry; one thing for sure it takes a reasonable time and loads of items to conquer the look. It can be quite a difficult task to drag along with you an entire makeup collection everywhere you go but what you can definitely do is make space for essential products that can be easily stored in a handbag for later use.

We may not be celebrities with an entourage on backup but we have four items that will dazzle you up in a matter of minutes.

  1. Mascara

Something for the lashes, we cannot deny the magic mascara brings up to women’s eyes. You have to consider first the look that tickles your fancy; choosing from the lengthy lash, dense lash or lash with volume. There is everything for everyone and with countless products available on the market it won’t be impossible to find your fit. You can choose from waterproof which you can swim in without running butt it has disadvantages of drying out lashes making it difficult to wash it off resulting rubbing or pulling of lashes or waterresistant which can resist tears and sweat but has moisture thus gentle and easy to remove.



-Mascara tubes should not be in use for more than 3 to 5 months. Persistence in using it beyond the recommended time will bring illnesses and damage to the eye because of the bacteria that has built up in the tube.

-For more volume you can curl your lashes before you apply mascara; hold heating curl for approximately 20 to 30 seconds and not beyond to avoid drying out of lashes.

You can apply olive oil or baby oil to moisturise your lashes.

-Don’t apply a lot of layers to avoid clumping.

-Use a credit card or spoon to avoid mascara coming into contact with the eyelid.

  1. Eyeliner

This can amazingly hide what we got up to the previous night. Eyeliner come is various colours and types; we have a pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner, whichever one you choose it does not matter because all of them can easily fit in your bag.



-Don’t use eyeliner for more than 18 months and liquid not longer than 6 months.

-Don’t pull your skin when applying it; face down and close your eyes enough to see what you are doing.

-Black is used for a striking and bold look, brown for smoky and subtle, nude for an awakening and hiding hangover and white gives an illusion of bigger eyes.

  1. Face powder

-Greasy and shinny skin can be easily hidden with this beauty product. They also come in different types having; High Definition (HD) usually used for television, setting powder, pressed powder and finishing powder.


-Can be used for not more than 12 to 18 months

-Translucent powder can be used to kill the shine so you can carry it when going out

-Powder in circles starting from the middle part of the face to the outside

-Have specialist help you choosing the right colour for your skin

-Always put on SPF first.

  1. Lipstick

This will definitely add a spark to your makeup or what you are wearing. You can never have too much of these in your collection. It is best to invest in one that last longer, is creamier and doesn’t lose its colour later on in the day.



-Should be used not longer than 18 months

-Consider size of lips –Fuller lips should use darker colours like purple, brown or bronze

-Skin colour should also be paid attention to –pink or rosier tone can play around with cool colours like cranberry or wine.


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