For Love or Money…Do women really marry for money & status?

Ideally we would all like to marry for love. Just watch little girls play with their Barbie dolls and you will see from young it is the perfect Disney fairy tale we have all been conditioned into thinking is of course the only reason why one would get married.


It sounds so dreamy and romantic.

However, numerous reports and studies are finding evidence that women do in fact marry for money. The Centre for Policy Studies at the London School of Economics reported that women marry to improve their own financial prospects. It was proven that women want to marry a man with a higher income and higher education. According to research done in Germany, more women are choosing money high on their list of criteria for choosing a partner. Women are getting high powered jobs and want a man that has an income equal to or greater than theirs. Even in the 40’s and 50’s women chose to marry up, not because they were lazy but because they were mostly housewives looking for a good man to support them.





According to the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, The differences between men and women show that Men feel the need to provide for their wives and women feel the need to be provided for. Even the most independent of women sometimes wish they didn’t have to do it all themselves! They seek a companion to share the load. They want security and stability and understand that it isn’t always about love and passion only but a good stable job and income is important. It’s not very romantic but marrying a man with money just gives a woman that feeling of a safety net.

This is why arranged marriages are still prevalent in some societies today. In some Hindu, Muslim, Orthodox Jew, African or Amish cultures arranged marriages are still practiced to ensure stability as well as continuing the religious values. It also has a lot to do with providing for the whole family. An arranged marriage will unify two families and therefore two incomes.

It is the belief in arranged marriages that the love will grow. It would be a very sad thing to marry for money alone and have a loveless marriage in my opinion. I think women are looking for both, love and money. Money just is high up on the list of requirements when looking for a partner. It shows a man has commitment to work hard at something, he has goals and intelligence and women also find those qualities attractive in a man.



Obviously I am talking in general, as there are a few women out there purely marrying for love. They are the free spirits who don’t worry too much about the future. That takes each moment as it comes. The women that want to create the fairy tale of their own. It may not always work out but they feel it’s worth the risk.

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