Flirt Game: How To Stay Winning

Let’s admit it, sometimes we are not approached by guys because we come across as too cold. I know in most cases it may not be that way but our “intimidating” look is what stands in a way of us getting engaged in nice conversations with a handsome bunch of men. The secret to everything is just relaxing and being yourself, you don’t have to laugh at his dry jokes to get him interested; there are various ways you can win him over. Don’t think too much into it, this is something all women already have within them; it is just waiting to be explored.

Flirt with your clothes

Flirting is when class meets fun and this can also be carried out through the items of clothing you choose to wear. People judge you first by the way you look and then the rest follows; so we need to make sure we stay on point with our outfits. What is the right flirt outfit? It’s simple; show off a little skin to leave something to the imagination. Mystery and curiosity is what draws people, we are like that –we want to know what is behind everything. If you want to show your legs try a flared dress that does not show any cleavage –if you want to show the twins have a dress that hangs to the knees not anything above and if you want to show off your body try a bandage dress that covers the twins and is below the knees.


Flirt with your eyes

So now that you made quite an impression with your killer dress, the next step lies in the eyes. You don’t need to have sexy eyes for this; we are not modelling ladies we are just having fun. Make eye contact; men will make sure that they show you that they are interested and if that moment comes, don’t be afraid to show a little interest by giving a few glances –not stares. And when he has asked to join you for a drink, continue with eye contact and gracious smiles. It is true, eyes are the window to the soul; look them straight in the eyes it is an indicator that you are a little bit into them.


Flirt with your hands

Affection makes people open up and gets them relaxed. You don’t have to be way over the board because after all you don’t know much about the guy. Touch his hand once in a while; don’t hold it! Just a four seconds touch is all you need. Remember this makes him feel like you are open to letting him in. I know a lot have said “touch yourself” and as weird as this may sound it works, it is an indicator that you are comfortable with your body and that you are not uptight. Never cross your hands; it sends a message that you are bored.

Flirt with conversations

This is the ultimate deal sealer; the conversation needs to be on topics that you can both relate to –it prevents one party being the only one talking for a long time. If it gets to a point where he does talk about something you don’t know; ask questions –probe him and add in your opinion, it will be an indicator that you are listening and that you want to know about them and what makes them happy. Keep the conversation light and have humour and if you are not good with those, share funny moments you have experienced.


Flirting with the way you hold your drink

You shouldn’t be holding on to the glass for the rest of the conversation. Constantly pick it up and have small sips and put it back down. Elegantly hold your glass and place it closer to you. Be playful and fool around with the glass. Remember to not take it serious it’s all done for fun’s sake and for a little tease.


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