Fashion trends you wouldn’t let pass you by

It is no secret that we cannot let good things pass us by, and well when it comes to fashion and beauty trends we are self-confessed suckers for that. It is a weakness we have no intentions of fixing because it undoubtedly gives us the high every single one of us needs to go by and face each day with pride and style. When we get out of our homes we want to face the world with glam and a kick of wow. To make sure that we don’t let beautiful things go by without gracing ourselves a little bit let’s have a peek on what is making rounds this season.


The cozy dreamy palate


We made way for the neon colours a few trends ago. Everyone was highly visible in their highlight yellow, orange and lime but now trends are in the cool calmer palate. Think of a spa and its soothing colours and you will get the idea of the direction. It is the whites, khakis, browns, greys, purples and maroons to mention a few. You will have to know the right combination to have a perfect look and the widely famous blend is the whites paired up with khakis.




The daring accessories

Accessories, well jewellery to be specific have taken a direction of big or small throughout the few years and now we are all about going big or home. Big hooped earrings are coming back only now they are even bigger, note that if you go with that size you will have to tone down on the neckpiece and bracelets. Traditional beadwork is also a thing to try out; you can pile up the bracelets to as many as you can, the more the merrier. For the even daring type DIY jewellery made out of robes and chunky knitted or crotchet jewellery is the choice to go for.



A touch of matte

I will come right out and just say matte is the greatest invention till smart phones. Matte gels well with every style and that’s one of the things amazing about it. You can matte up your life with your nails, so colours like black, dark green, purple and grey are a totally glam look. And if you have the hearts for makeup you can have your pick from various matte lipstick colours to complete your look. Nude makeup with an allusion of a bare face is making rounds so you will have to loosen up on the mascaras, foundation and liquid eyeliner and pop up with your maroon lipstick. I’ve also seen matte in mugs and plates, so go all the way if you are a fan like myself.



The sassy knitwear

Knitwear is certainly thee biggest trend and what is beautiful about it is that you can have it in the thick and warm winter wear and light flowy summer wear. There is absolutely everything for everyone so for the class kind you can have a nice knitted skirt or vest, for the beach freaks there are crotchet kimonos and bikini tops, that is, if you are not going for a swim, and for the out there and daring type there are beautiful distressed jerseys you can wear in both summer and winter. And if you don’t like wearing yarn you can have it in a petite clutch bag.





The ugly shoes

We have ugly jerseys for Christmas and now ugly shoes trend for all year round. It is called the ugly chic, and what this means in simple, is having an urge of ugliness on your feet. These are usually ridiculously looking with thick heels, odd shapes and materials. They come in high heels and reasonably flat heels. Of course you have to be careful what you pair these beasts with and where you are going because they are a little bit hard to match.



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