Do I Have Bi-Polar?

Women go through so much both with day-to-day hard work and hormonal issues and with these factors strenuous to a woman’s body it is normal to feel out of the weather from now and then.


The change in the moods level leads to most being said to have bipolar disorder, most of us know of some women in our neighbourhood who was diagnosed by her non-medical practitioner neighbours to have bipolar just because she smiles and shouts from one minute to another. While this term is used so lightly it is in actual fact a serious illness.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH), bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that results in abnormal mood swings, shifts in energy and activity levels and the incompetency to carry out day-to-day duties. Unlike what women from all over the world feel, these feelings are more intense and are triggered by almost anything. Women who are not treated for this disorder can find themselves losing interest in life, leading to being ineffective with tasks given at work, inability to relate to family and those around them causing drifts and even lost relationships, finding complexity in taking care of themselves and with some cases leading to suicide.

Good news is that bipolar disorder is a treatable condition and if tackled early on, women can prevent themselves from saying and doing things that would make them feel regretful later on, the “oops I did it again” or “I shouldn’t have done that” kind of feelings all because of what took place during their manic episodes. It is highly advisable that if there is any known bipolar disorder history amongst family members, women should make sure that consulting a doctor becomes their ultimate number one things to do because it is genetic meaning it can be passed from one generation to another, this, not ruling out those who have no family history with the illness. Most cases of bipolar disorder are found in people not older than 25 (early adulthood and late teens).

Women with bipolar can identify with having a short attention span, racing thoughts, feelings of not being loved and understood, forgetfulness, inability to maintain a relationship, feeling emotional and being insomniac. When in their manic state women can find themselves feeling angry, misunderstood and acting modest; being convinced that literally the world wouldn’t survive without you and with some crawling up in fetal position with feelings of depression, and once out of it they are back to their usual self. It is basically like juggling different people in one body and having to account for “their” inconsequential behaviour.

Treatment for this illness can be determined by a doctor hence the importance of consulting. Those diagnosed with bipolar can be given medication that will balance their feeling of not being in control of their bodies, these include mood stabilizers which include lithium, valproic acid and a variety of others, doctors may also add antidepressants.


Psychotherapy is one of the fundamental things to partake in; this will help in identify what sets off your episodes so you can make attempts in trying to avoid those triggers. It helps in equipping you with tools to manage your illness. Like any other medical condition, it helps to join supportive groups because it is better to communicate with someone who is going through what you are going through unlike those who are a little bit clueless. It is imperative that family members of those with bipolar disorder familiarise themselves with the illness and get to know what really goes on in the mind of those affected.

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can also be found as an option. This procedure applies electrical current used to reach the neurotransmitters in patient’s brain thus relieving tension or severe depression immediately. In most cases this is done if other treatments don’t help.

This illness does not have to affect your life. Women can still go about their lives doing whatever tickles their fancy. Make sure you take care of your body so that your body in return can take good care of you.

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