Decoding the kiss: What is he really saying?

We have been told once too many times that men are not emotional people. No matter how hard we try to get them to open up and use words to talk we are often left unsuccessful. Inspired women has gotten hold of a few pointers you can use to get to know what is really going on in those heads of theirs. Women all around have had their fair share of kisses from men and now it’s about time we know what’s behind them.

The kiss on the forehead

This might not be thee sexiest kiss of them all but it is intimate. When that man plants a kiss on your forehead he is not just doing it. With that kiss he is saying –I love you –I am going to protect you with all my life –I will provide for you and you are everything a man can ever ask for. He might be in an appreciative state; feeling lucky to have you in his life. We all have those moments; where everything just fits like a glove –that you might not have everything glitz and glam but you have this person riding with you through all the humps and bumps. He might just be in a mood to take long hand-in-hand strolls with you, anything really that will mean he will be close to you.


Kiss on the hand

This is with no doubt a classy kiss. It doesn’t really indicate any intimacy. He probably likes and respects you enough to not invade your face. It’s a general kiss which shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It says –you look beautiful –you hold yourself with dignity that’s it ladies. If he holds your hand and kisses it for a long time then he might be flirting with you.


The kiss on the neck

Mmmmhm! I think a handful of us are taken by this scene. He is not going to upright say to you he wants to make out with you; all sorts of hints will be dropped and a kiss on a neck should be an indicator. This kiss says –I am feeling playful and naughty –something just pumped up my mood –let’s forget about everything and be lost in our own world. He just wants to share a moment with you. It is those “can we go on a rollercoaster ride” things; something fun and different from what is normally done on a day-to-day base. You should embrace this moment; he didn’t want to share it with friends but you, so that’s a win.


The kiss on the cheeks

This kiss is known for its innocence. When he kisses you on a cheek it might mean two things; you are friends or he wants to start something with you. He might just want to see how you will react to his attempt in taking it to the next level. What this kiss says is –I like you –I will consider your feelings –we can do everything in your pace. He is very fond of you and respects you. As much as he will respect your space he will expect that from you too, he is not about to jump on you. One could also interpret it as “I love you but I need to be away from you right now.”


Kiss on the earlobe

We watch a movie and a man reaches to a woman’s ear to kiss it, we automatically know what is about to get down, or maybe not. These kisses are indicators of sexual desires; he definitely wants to get it on with you. It says –you hot and I’m hot for you –I’m comfortable around you. It will take for him to know you, like really know you to nibble with your ear like that. He might also want to be closer to you and for you to share a moment together. He is in a mood to be indoors, with some snacks and you.


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