Creative DIY Tips for De-Cluttering Your Kitchen

On the top of the fridge a somewhat big bowl is filled with all sorts of goodies: sticky notes from 1993, an old dog lead and some keys that never had any functional use. Pots and pans are a game of Jenga and it’s a military mission diving into your Tupperware cupboard trying to find lids that are the right sizes.

Clutter builds up over the years and it’s what basically shows that life is happening in your home, but every so often our kitchen appliances, spoons, knives and peelers seem to become victims to the mysterious void in your kitchen never to be seen again. This creates a perfect opportunity for creative DIY de-cluttering kitchen ideas.

Look around your kitchen and try and determine how much space you have. Consider every inch; under cupboards, spaces where there are no cupboards, behind doors and against walls.

Fit trellises to the bottom of you cupboards and hang little hooks on them creating a kind of kitchen mobile, hang up your utensils or dish towels for an easy reach. Use a back-of-door shoe organizer in the pantry or behind cupboards. These little compartments can vary from ten to twenty-five little individual pockets to store away almost anything.

Kitchen storage

By using every day little things you can organise your kitchen at no extra cost. Use Zip lock bags to keep little annoying but useful things together. Punch holes in them and hang them from a rack. Another idea would be to create a little peg board with laundry pegs glued to wooden planks, stick these up on your wall and attach anything from your little Ziploc bags to recipes, notices or dishtowels on it. Another cheap and useful object is an empty tissue box: cram all the plastic bags you’ve collected over the years into it to make it a little more organised and easy to reuse.

Divide and concur by using tension rods inside your drawers and cupboard. By doing this you can have cutting board, muffin tray’s and lids stand up right or on their sides, this will create more space and make it easier for you to reach those items. One can also divide drawers by creating little compartments to keep cutlery and utensils organised. Use little wooden boxes, usually bought for toys, that come in different shapes and sizes.

Utensils storage

Shelving can usually be a problem in some kitchens. With little or no space we end up unnecessarily stacking plates, pans, cans and basically anything that fits the stacking profile. A nice idea which might work if you have an open plan kitchen is using an industrial self as a room divider where you can put all your nice dinner plates and glasses on display. Weaved square baskets are also a clever way of creating more shelving inside shelving. Label your baskets so that you know what’s inside – no nuts and bolts needed.


Magnetize your kitchen. A funny concept but very convenient. Place steel rods parallel underneath each other on open walls – make sure there is an efficient amount of space in between them. Now using big, preferably round, magnets – clip them on your steel rods. You can have a full set of your kitchen knives sticking to them or use it as a spice board: place your spices in little spice tins and have them on display.

Knife Storage

Think practical and simple. Add something to the bottom of your cupboards or behind doors that might not just de-clutter your kitchen but make things easier for you. Use a wooden peg board, the kind usually found in a garage to hang tools. Instead of hanging it up on your wall, place it flat inside your drawers and cupboard. Now place round sticks inside certain holes to make your own customised divider. Hardware stores usually stock wooden sticks, just ask about the thickness and if they can cut it to a required size for you. For the more hands on DIY people, create sliding selves inside your cupboards it’s very functional when reaching objects tacked in the back of certain spaces.

kitchen storage

Clever décor ideas and DIY tips are helpful but sometimes only so much customizing can be done – ask yourself if you really need certain things in your kitchen, are 28 different tea spoons really necessary and when have you ever really used your exotic lobster crusher, even though you’re allergic to shellfish. Sometimes de-cluttering requires a hard heart and a “throw-out” attitude. Place things you don’t often use elsewhere and throw away those sad pieces of Tupperware without lids, they’ve left the building, accept it, make peace with it and move on to bigger, betterr and more reliable Tupperware.


Walking into your kitchen and opening the pantry should be like switching on a light. With the click of a button the room should be bright and visible. Don’t let clutter and mess make your kitchen a constant battlefield. Switch the light on – think creative and don’t take an ounce of space for granted, make it convenient, clever and functional.

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