Clever Décor Ideas

We’ll look at a space and know something has to be done to bring some feng shui into the room, it’s boring and lifeless – so you look at paint furniture and appliances that might suit the room.

But slowly and pretty surely you get exhausted by just looking at the screws and manoeuvre of placing something in your home. You just wanted it to look different, that’s all, but with this much effort – feng shui and excitement will have to wait.

Please get back on your décor horse right now there’s no need to throw in the towel. Here are 10 clever ideas for when you feel an urge to sproose up your place DIY style.

Wall stencils

Instead of painting a whole room and spending money on paintings and things to put up on your walls, why not make shadow stencils or silhouette stencils. Pictures are displayed of the internet so they can be easily printed and traced onto the wall. Get solid colours of paint – usually black, and presto you’re ready to begin. Because silhouettes don’t have much detail to them they’re easy to paint (you don’t need an artistic bone in your body)


Wood Pallet and Crates

Taking the world by storm is a vintage, rustic old plank; wood pallets and crates that is. With so many options and the fact that they’re so cheap to come by it’s the easiest piece of furniture you’ll ever buy. From tables to decks, to pot plants holders; save money on an expensive TV cabinet and mount your flat screen onto one of these! All it’ll require is some sanding and maybe a splash of varnish. They’re already cut to a required size so you can just piece together here and there and saw away bits if you like, but in the end it’s a custom made piece, something your guests can admire.


What about the lighting?

One thing I’ve come to realise is that lighting in a home is like a door with a welcome sign, it’s needed and important. So in lighting up your space why not do it with a little flair and something different? With convenient stores around each corner selling sockets for light bulbs or pieces you can basically place them inside, on top of or next to anything! Mason jars are a favourite but the possibilities are endless!


Room dividers

Without going completely ballistic and tearing down and building up why not consider room dividers? They’re light, sliding folding and can be put away with ease when no longer needed. It can virtually be anything. The good old fashioned Shoji Screen (originally from Japan) or curtains put up. Be careful of dangling just about anything from the sealing, it can end up looking kitsch and all wrong.



Speaking of curtains, don’t fear if you run out! It may sound a little too different but table clothes sometimes have unique patterns on them. They’re a much cheaper purchase and easy to incorporate to fit onto a rod. Clip on rings are available almost everywhere if not ask your local décor store where you can find some. Instead of using a table cloth, go the material store around the corner – same story. You’ll never have to but curtains again!

Chicken coop wire

Strange but not unheard of; chicken coop wire is easy to mount and serves as more than one use. Four nails in a wall and voila – any lady can do it. Picture frames jewellery or reminder – anything can hang from the wall with ease. You can decide on the size and shape, you can even decide on the colour or a background colour on the wall.


Trash is sometimes treasure

I keep a lot of things around in case I get an epiphany and think of something to do with the poor souls, when I was younger and still living with my parents my mother hated it. I’m not saying keep every little piece of unusable material but sometimes there is potential. Old books I’ve seen – are glued together to make feet for a table. Tins painted and used as little pots for plants. There are really inspiring sights that give out ideas as to what to do with your little treasures, too many ideas to mention in fact. Don’t be hasty in disposing things; they might just come to your rescue.


Nothing like good old fashioned paper

I kept old sheet music I found in a piano chair and with time it got all vintage and brown. There are so many neat tricks to follow when you’re dealing with paper. Chimes for inside the house (origami on a string), a background for a frame, even as art on a wall there are so many ideas. Keep paper from old novels and even newspapers, if you have a plain old table in need of some TLC then use it as material for a decoupage project, to breath back some life into something you thought was long gone.


Chalk board paint

It’s found in almost every house hold today and it’s such a nifty idea. Chalk board paint can be bought at any paint store, if they don’t stock it – they’ll know who will! It’s perfect for when you don’t know what should go onto or stay off of the wall. A chalk board covered wall is forever changing and I can guarantee you no one will ever be bored in your home again.


Throw pillows

One can only fir so much chars into your living space before it becomes a little crammed. Go Chinese style and keep some throw pillows handy! Big, small, any kind you like. Buy just the pillow at any bedding store and make the cover yourself – it’s pretty easy seeing as it’s just a square with a zip or buttons. Look for funky fabrics and patterns to make it more interesting.

Redecorating is sometimes so much fun, it’s therapeutic and there’s nothing like a project to keep your mind off of any unnecessary stress. Tackle something different, don’t just run to the second hand store and pick something off the shelf, you’ll have so much more pride if you can brag about how you actually made you house homey!

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