Christmas Without Family

We are literally counting days to the merriest Christmas we have been planning for, for some time. Our minds have been filled with who’s hosting the dinner, what to buy who and what meals to prepare.




Unfortunately not everyone has the privilege to choose whose Christmas dinner they will be attending. There are a lot of people that have no one to spend these joyous holidays with and for them, these few weeks are the most distressful. It is reported that during the festive season suicide rates increase by 9-11% in South Africa.


Because Christmas, unlike other holidays, is family orientated, for people who are basically all on their own it can get really sad and depressing especially if all the people they know are talking about meeting families and friends for the holidays.


I know a lot of time we don’t want to be pitied and with that we choose to bottle up our feelings which in return fill our thoughts that lead us to contemplating suicide.


1. Plan Group Trips
A lot of people are travelling during this season and some of them do the travelling on their own. You can sign up for trips that are arranged for groups of people.

Travelling for hours in a bus will open up chances for you to make friends or companions. You will always find people that will be open enough to add you to their group. Tour the country or even the continent with strangers. People are more welcoming to tourists than one of their own neighbours, who knows? you might be invited by an old couple for dinner. But always be careful.

2. Be Charitable
I am one to say that the feeling of giving is totally amazing than receiving, I am not trying to be holier than thou but try it out too, it’s amazing. There are countless charity organisations that have their doors open for any help that may come their way. You don’t have to spend big cash; just a small contribution and your time and love will do perfectly fine. When you see those kids or pensioners smile, your heart will lighten up and you will feel like you belong.
3. Ask To Join In
People are merrier during this season and because you haven’t tried it you wouldn’t know. I would imagine you have friends and colleagues that would gladly host you if you just asked. Sometimes we want to invite people over but think we might just be burdening people, so until they say no, you shouldn’t stop asking to join a friend for his or her Christmas dinner. The saying “the more the merrier” couldn’t be more true when it comes to these holidays.
4. Visit Hospitals
Being sick and not able to fend for yourself is hard but adding being all on your own is even more crippling. You can bake some biscuits or cupcakes and distribute them throughout the hospital. You can put on a private show for the patients, if you can throw in a tune or two go right ahead with Christmas carols and if you are good on the dance floor, show off and make people smile.
5. Fill Those Church Benches
Churches will be having ceremonies after ceremonies, you can capitalise on that. They always have their arms open for people of all kind. You can even join in on plays they are preparing for or be part of the decorating committee this will keep you busy and you will not have the time to think of how lonely or alone you are. If there are any more helpful suggestions please drop us a comment and help someone have their Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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