Choosing the Right Partner

Sometimes I wish I could have a peek in the future just to find out who and what I will end up with –I’m quite sure a lot of us have wished for this at least once in our lives.

So because we don’t have any supernatural powers we will have to deal with what we have and try make the best decisions that will, hopefully, lead us to our happily ever after. If you are looking to have a knight in shining armour in the near future here are a few things that will guide you to making the best decision.


There should be chemistry

A lot of people call this sexual attraction while I agree with them but it goes even beyond that. Chemistry means both of you share amazing moments that don’t require either one of you to push themselves into making them possible. Chemistry is about the connection shared by the two of you. The moments where eyes lock and the world comes to a standstill –like it is only you and him in the room. There needs to be such moments in a relationship so you can have fun filled sprinkles of joy that will be reason enough for you to continue being in a relationship. These moments make us feel loved and fulfilled.

There should be intellectual conversation

These people will be the ones we will hopefully spend the rest of our lives with so conversations we have with then should be amazing. I know at times we get in a mood to just speak nonsense, nothing but full blown goofiness but there should be some times were the both of you will be consumed in great building conversations such as those about laws, politics and economic standing of our country. Such talks groom us into wanting to better ourselves simultaneously with our partners.


There should be independence

Every one of us wants a man who will be able to stand on his own. Having a sense of independence encourages one to further build on what they already have. I know they say the only way to tell that a man will be good to you is by checking the relationship he has with his mother but we don’t want a mama’s boy. If he dials his mother 10 times a day, don’t walk, run ladies because the mother will be all up in your business. We want a man who is no push over, not even with us.

There should be shared interests

Half the relationships we’ve been in were solely because we were physically attracted to our partners but there is no longevity in such relationships. We cannot “fix” men unless they want to be fixed. There need to be things that bring you closer to each other besides chemistry, and playing tennis together or painting or even jogging will give the relationship a fighting chance. Even though they say opposite attract it doesn’t mean you should be on opposite edges –having something that you will both lose yourself in together will be beneficiary because this will mean spending more time together thus knowing each other a little bit more.


There should be goals fitting like a glove

I don’t mean you should both want the same exact things in life but it helps that you both have goals that complement each other. If he is all about the travel, no kids and marriage and you want the total different life then it is not really a match made in heaven. Don’t get me wrong, you do get men that pull a 180 degrees turn but with most men what they say is usually what they mean, particularly if he expresses these goals even after you have been going out for some time.


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