Career vs Family

I have always wondered why woman are the one’s that gets confronted with a fork in the road when it comes to family and career. There always seems to be a choice that has to be made. Men don’t get confronted with this choice, only women!

Why can’t we have it all. Why do we have to choose?
Society still tends to think that a woman’s place is at home with the children while darling husband is off at work bringing home the bacon.

Think I am making this up?
Do you think a new dad gets asked after the baby was born by his work colleagues if he misses his baby and wishes he could be at home? Or gets judged if they see him out with friends having a beer 6 weeks after the baby was born?

Do you think men gets guilted by friends/society by feeling like a bad dad when he has to go away for business for a week or two leaving the kids at home with his partner? My guess is a solid NO!

Lets scrap the “rule” of women are the caregivers and that role we have been magically given by society and focus on a few important factors.

Woman can do it all! It’s just society that makes us feel bad even if we attempt to juggle a career and a family.

I believe it is all about balance, a great support system and the knowledge that it is ok to be away on business, to put in the hours at the office or to make sacrifices in order to keep your career on track and moving forward.

Having a great understanding with your partner about responsibilities will also play a huge role.

Personally I do feel like people should ease up on woman, there is so many expectations that we have to meet!

Perfect body, Perfect Mom, Perfect Career Woman, Perfect Wife. STOP all this nonsense. There is no such thing as a perfect woman. Stop with the judging while we are at it too. Why do woman tend to be so damn judgy about the lifestyles and choices of other females?

Support your fellow females with their ventures, their businesses, successes and help them during tough times and celebrate the victories.

Stop underestimating your power as a woman and follow your dreams! Do what makes you happy.
Lets get to this statement quick….DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Have you realised that your children will one day leave the house and they will live the lives they want to. They are not going to care that you gave up going to a seminar in Germany that could have given your career a huge push,or said no to an amazing opportunity because it meant more time at the office or on the road?

Your regrets and your what-if’s will consume your being and that will be all that is left when your children has left the house and you sit at home thinking WHAT NOW?!
Don’t get me wrong, if being a stay at home mom is what is going to make you happy, then by all means do it. But this article is aimed at those women who really struggle with that choice.

It all is about doing what makes you happy, and not cave into a lifestyle or choices by society.

Men are lucky that way, and they might not even understand the internal struggle/pull we feel when we get to make that choice. Most woman cave under the “pressure” and give up successful careers to be a stay at home mom. Only to be resentful and wondering “what if” after a few years. 
Do you have any idea how hard it is for a woman to get back into her career of choice after years of absence raising babies?

Stay true to what you feel is best for you, don’t make haste decisions or get pressured into being somebody that you are not. Being a working mom does not make you a bad or absent mom.


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