Having it all ~ Career and Babies

Having a baby is a wonderful experience to be part of as a mom.To know that you have this little angel that entirely depends on you for everything from determining whether they are hungry, sleepy or need a poo poo change is just heartwarming.

woman working with a baby

But it is not all walk in a park especially if you are a career woman. Being a mom is a full time job on its own; requiring a whole lot of juggling, compromising and loss of sleep, now imagine adding on that madness of the responsibility of having a nine-to-five job that demandingly needs your attention.

Mothers, especially new ones usually feel guilty for leaving their little ones at home resulting to some women even resorting to postponing the idea of having kids. The internal dialogue that goes on questioning and doubting abilities of handling such great pressures of motherhood and career woman is all normal. A lot of colleagues and bosses will expect you to drop the ball with your work and it is totally up to you to balance the two without compromising time for the other. To pull of the superwoman hat here are three things to consider that will help in dealing with the juggle;

A little more hand goes a long way

Even though you might feel you need to be there for your baby a 100% of all your time, it is quite unrealistic for career women. Ask and accept any help with the baby coming your way whether being from your mother, husband, mother-in-law or nanny you will need it to stay on top of your game and to continue presenting quality work. In this case the “two hands are better than one” saying applies and needs to be taken at heart. You should expect spontaneous calls informing you of your baby being sick thus needing you to leave work and attend to such matters. Your sleep will be next to nothing so you need everything that will keep your energy to be all hyped up. This can be a jog in the morning, date night once a week with hubby or me-time to recharge yourself.

Befriend your schedule

You will have a million things to take care of and 24 hours a day will seem not quite enough to carry out all your duties. So make sure that you have a clear and precise schedule that will assist your tackling of all your responsibilities without compromising the other; this will help in not going to meetings 10 to 30 minutes late. Respect the time set for every task because one slip up will cost you minutes and even hours that you can’t spare. Don’t make the mistake of having separate schedules everything should be in one to avoid cluster and double booking yourself.


Put oranges in the orange sac

It will be expected of you to forget what goes where and where to find. Because you are a busy body and doing a lot of things at once, it will be easy for you to fail to remember where you placed those reports needed the next day. It is therefore important to have a working area that will be strictly for working and important documents placed out of reach for babies to avoid cat drawings and snowflakes cuts out of your documents. Make use of the technologies available to you like the reminder and to-do lists to help not miss essential events or activities.

With all of these taken into consideration it will be no impossible task to be your best at work. A lot of things will naturally change and you will need to accept that and help your colleagues and bosses in understanding the fact. You don’t have to choose between things you need to those that you love it can all be done with our superwomen hat and with hard work and sass women will conquer all these positions.

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