Candid Talk About Bullies

Shireen & Sue opens up on experiencing bullying themselves and sheds some light on how to react to Bullies in your own environment.

Being bullied as a child can cause significant damage to a growing child/teenager’s why of thinking about themselves. Be sure to talk to your children about being bullied and help them cope or understand how to deal with it.

Being bullied myself as a child through primary and high school about the way I looked was a massive hurdle I had to overcome as an adult. I had to make significant efforts to not let the constant bullying I experienced have an affect on how I perceived myself and others as I approached adulthood.

It took me quite a few years to really overcome all the insecurities I developed as a result of the bullying and it has had an effect on my personality as well as I had to constantly defend and protect myself (which became a normal daily activity) against daily attacks.

I am fortunate to have a strong willed personality and even though it took me years to overcome, it still made it’s mark on me and I know that there are different personality types which might be even more greatly affected by bullying which they might never be able to completely shake off.

The problem we face as adults is that Bullies are not confined to school yard and play grounds, these bullies grow up and they become our bosses, co-workers, friends etc. Adult bullying is just as bad as being a child bully and the effects can be just as damaging.

I hope this Video Helps somebody stand up for themselves and stand against Bullying.

If you suspect your child being the Bully – Read this Article on how to handle that situation.



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