The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

It’s known as “A cup of Joe” in some parts of the world! A strong aromatic substance that greets you friendly in the morning, the comforting taste that gets you through the day and sometimes, when needed, that extra push 2 AM when you have a deadline at the office.

We all know and love coffee but did you know that there are actually some benefits to drinking it. Yes ladies you heard me, coffee can be good for you and not just as a wakeup-call or your daily dose of caffeine.


Usually more bad than good things have been said about the consumption of coffee but as in life; when doing everything in moderation “no harm shall come to thee”. Donald Hensrud, chair of the division of preventive medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota says “For most people [who] choose to drink coffee, the benefits probably outweigh the risks”

It’s packed with Nutrients and Minerals!!

This might come as a surprise but Coffee contains a sea of nutrients that help your body function better. “We know that coffee has a very strong antioxidant capacity,” says Frank Hu, MD, MPH, PhD, nutrition and epidemiology professor at the Harvard School of Public health. These amounts of antioxidant levels can help with the prevention of tissue damage. Other components found in coffee like Magnesium and Chromium encourages the body to produce insulin, a hormone that helps the body regulate a normal blood sugar. (Glucose levels)

Did you know that coffee can actually make you smarter?

Caffeine is said to actually be a stimulant. In an article written by Kris Gunnars; numerous dieticians and nutritionists have conducted controlled trails to monitor the effects of caffeine on the brain and the results were actually very surprising. Caffeine which is the most commonly known ingredient in coffee is actually a stimulant and “the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world” says Gunnars. Caffeine can improve your mood, reaction time, memory and general cognitive function. By blocking the inhibitory effects of Adenosine, a neurotransmitter found in your brain, caffeine increases neuronal firings – basically, this just means that reactions happen a lot faster in your brain helping you think better and be more alert.


Coffee might help you lose that little muffin top.

We’ve mentioned that the caffeine in coffee is a natural stimulant. This allows the central nervous system in your brain to be stimulated and in turn raises your metabolism increasing the oxidation of fatty acids. Caffeine also improves your athletic performance which is why you’ll find caffeine in most fat burning, sporty supplements and drinks.

It reduces the risk of health conditions.

Research on the actual benefits of coffee are still undergoing – but thus far studies have shown that the ingredients in coffee might help ward of some common health risks people come across in everyday life. Dr Hensrud says that some test results have shown that coffee might even help prevent liver cancer and certain liver diseases and has been connected to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease.

The fact that coffee also contains nutrients that help the body regulate normal insulin levels can actually lower the risk of Type II diabetes.

Because Type II diabetes is a lifestyle disease it can be regulated by eating and drinking right. Coffee is found be in the right when it comes to your dietary plan says Dr Hensrud.

In the past a lot of people have associated coffee as a bad habit and relatively unhealthy, but recent test and studies have proven otherwise. Sometimes said to have been the cause of high blood pressure The Nurses’ Health Study, a long-running research project involving 238,000 nurse participants, has somewhat proven this theory wrong. In relation to coffee causing you to have high blood pressure the test conducted did not show any signs of or connections to coffee creating a spike and causing ones blood pressure to rise, these results were then published in the Journal of the American Association.

Amongst the good there will always be a little bad. Life has a certain balance to it, and in order to keep the peace everything has to be done in moderation and with consideration. A reasonable amount of coffee a day does not pose any risks but caffeine is addictive and consumers might actually experience withdrawal symptoms.


Nutritionists also recommend cutting down on coffee during pregnancy although again, there is no proof what so ever that it might be harmful, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. “We don’t really know what the health effects of caffeine are for the fetus,” Another assumption is that coffee might act as a trigger for heart attacks in people who don’t drink coffee as an everyday beverage, but that has also yet to be proven. However coffee is known to be associated with high cholesterol levels.

How you choose to see it; coffee literally makes the world go round! It’s what makes the Banker get out of bed in the morning – the Accountants do better math, Doctors preform longer surgeries and it encourages the Creatives to produce better art. Isn’t it good to know that coffee does more good than harm? So indulge in that cup of Joe on the kitchen counter and reach for the warm beverage placed on your desk at the office – It’s not just an average cup of black water.

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