“Because I am pregnant” The myths behind pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing thing; knowing that a human being is forming and growing inside you is a totally out of this world experience. So because a lot of us, at some point in our lives will want to have babies I thought we should burst the myths that scare us off our boots or well sometimes we just hide behind them knowing very well that they are utter lies.

I think we will all agree that 9 months is a long time and well during this time we will want to know what is it that we are doing right for the little ones growing inside us and what is absolutely wrong. Because we have mothers around us that we so deeply rely on to share information and their experience we get caught up believing every wife tale passing us by. So shall we get into it?


You are eating for two

I know once we find out we are pregnant we let go of ourselves and just eat away everything that comes our way because we are “eating for two”. There is no such thing ladies you are eating for one plus a tinny little human being. But I am quite sure we already know that because the scale brutally lets us have it in big bold numbers. It is reported that about 300 extra calories is what is needed for the fetus which is roughly half a sandwich.


Exercise is harmful to the fetus


It is with no wonder that some pregnant women gain so much weight during pregnancy; with eating for two and no exercise trouble is definitely knocking at the door. There is no prove that exercise is harmful to the baby on a contrary it is advised that pregnant women pull a few minutes of exercise for the health of the baby and to shed off your baby weight faster after giving birth. Also it is reported that being overweight can prove to cause problems during the birthing.


Fish is a no go zone


Our bodies need omega 3 and with pregnancy we could use with a lot of nutritional benefits found in omega 3 for the development of the baby’s vision and brain. Of course this should be cooked fish and 2 to 3 servings a week will be fine. But remember to stay away from fish high in mercury; this includes shark, swordfish and more. Raw fish is more likely to carry bacteria that we wouldn’t want passed to the fetus, so stay away from that too, oh and also raw meats.




Stay away from dyes and hair relaxers


I’ve heard this so many times I was actually starting to believe it but it is all a myth. Such chemicals are absorbed through skin and have minimal risks because only tinny amounts are passed to the fetus. The only thing that we should be careful of is using such chemicals excessively; it is not good for us either way. Some women will feel nauseated by strong hair treatment odours so it is advised that we use these in a well ventilated space. If you are still not comfortable with using the product you can choose to stay away from them at least during the first trimester.


Stay away from coffee


Coffee lovers don’t have to hate their pregnancy because 9 months is a long time to fast on coffee. We need a cup or two to get through the day and good news is we don’t have to toss our grains. Of course we will have to cut down on the consumption to at most 4 small cups not the gigantic mugs we use. It couldn’t be stressed enough that alcohol and drugs during pregnancy, cigarette included are a definitely no, those are not myths. Well mommies to be, go exercise and have piece of cooked fish, you deserve it. ENJOY YOUR PREGNANCY J

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