Are You Using The Right Brush For Your Hair?

Skin and hair care routines are the most talked about things when it comes to women. There is no amount of information that will keep us from wanting to know more about taking care of our pride and joy because these are what stand in us being confident about who and what we are. We will be discussing hair today and simple ways that will help in not damaging it any further. Take care of your crown so it can take care of you, right ladies?

We brush or comb our hair everyday and if you are doing it all wrong it will mean you have been putting your hair in great distress for years. It is important that you know your hair and pay attention when it talks to you through breaking, thinning and patching because trust me with choosing the right products your hair could improve.


Choosing the right brush bristles


Nylon Bristles

With nylon we are talking about all bristles that are made from plastic, rubber, nylon and other material that are similar to these. They can come in soft and flexible form or stiff and firm form. You will know that we have those that are closely placed to another and those that are spaced out. Generally it is said that if you want more control over your hair you should go for bristles that are hard and closely placed to each other.

Choose the closely packed and harder bristle for fine hair and brushing your hair while wet because it is able to detangle hair without breaking it, and if you have thin hair you can also try it out in soft and flexible bristle because it has a padded cushion that moves along your scalp ensuring no further breakage


Metal Bristles

We don’t really need to go deep into this type –because of its hard nature it would be advised that you stay away from using metal bristle brushes or combs even if they have plastic or rubber tips. These are too inflexible meaning they might cause breaking of hair, either way they are rather hostile towards the scalp, so you might want to use these on wigs and hair pieces.


Porcupine Bristles

Not by any means talking about animals, this term is used to describe a combination of various bristles grouped together –it could be boar and nylon allowing for a good hold on the hair. This is amazing for those with fine hair and thick hair. But what is important is the spacing of it all.


Boar Bristles

These are usually weak bristles meaning they are friendlier towards the hair –it is mostly paired with nylon to give it the support it needs to brush through the hair without collapsing. For sensitive and thin hair you would like to try this one out –it is also recommended for children’s use. This brush sustains your shine and gorgeous look.

Combs are mostly recommended over brush, as brushes tend to scrub off the top layer of your scalp skin; this result to a widespread of damage to the hair and scalp –weakening and breaking hair. And whiles combs are great for your use they don’t offer much support when styling. They are used in blow-drying and on wet hair.

Use a detangling spray before brushing knotted hair. When brushing your hair start from the end and then slowly work your way up to avoid your hair from breaking. Beware of the signs your hair will show if it is experiencing damage and make sure you shampoo and condition your hair at least four times a month. Protect it from the sun and give it the moisture it needs.


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