All New trends set for this summer

Summer is in full swing and as much as I love people watching for the sake of criticising outfits thinking “what were they thinking” I also sit in coffee shops and find inspiration from women wearing gorgeous pieces of clothing and mixing it up with interesting colours and patterns – please bare I mind that I do this in a none staking manner.

However not only my word can be taken for it but this seasons Marie-Claire and fashion blogger seem to have their eyes on some of these items and styles as well.


They’re making a stylish come back. High cut skirts, pant and jeans. They hug your waist tight and comfy in an anti-mommy-pants kind of way and a nice bonus when it comes to the jeans is that they make your butt look smaller and none of those embarrassing butt cracks (dare I say so)

Crop Tops

Along with your new high-cut addition to the family it’s always smart to get something to compliment the new addition. Loosely fitted crop tops, not “just covering the breast short” but just enough to tease are not only a great means of motivation to getting those abs in shape but are cool, light, breezy and extremely sexy for a hot South African summer. They work hand in hand with high cuts so go out and shop!



A little European flair making its way into our hearts is this little hair piece. It looks like a big bath scrunchie with a hole in the middle; this little thing helps you make the perfect almost ballerina type bun (see the YouTube tutorial “How to make a sock bun” for step by step guidance)


The 90’s staples make a comeback! Logo themed shirts that create a punk look with something elegant, it’s all about mixing it up this summer! Cute girly skirts with a logo themed shirt not only tone down outfits but make a statement – what will your statement be this summer?

Button up and collar blouses (more like a shirt)

I’m talking the rough type, not the queens’ wardrobe. Tuck them into a nice pair of jeans and you’ll have yourself a sexy Daisy Duke look. Out on a date however go for a nice pastel colour or a silky flowy material, a big belt and some tight pants; sexy but elegant at the same time.


Maxi Skirts and dresses.

One of my personal favourite and a gift to all women this season are these babies – they’re pretty much suited for almost any body type, from busty to skinny. Finish it off with a nice pair of sandals and bold jewellery and you’re good to go.


Aztec patterns

This season’s patterns seem to be very Aztec and tribal. Pants and tights are not just your average one colour oh no they’re popping with triangles and culturally inspired patterns. Remember matching is the key here, I’ve seen so many girls make the same mistake: yes buy the funky pants but don’t overdo it with a matching blouse, jewellery and the handbag to “tie” it all together. Ease your eye into it; it needs to be an introduction not an explosion.


Dip dye or Ombre hair.  

What’s a fashion recap without a little hairstyling tips. New on the scene this year for pretty much all seasons is an ombre or dip dye. This is where your hair will start of one colour at your routes and change to a completely different colour at the tips of your hair. This is a tricky situation so don’t just jump in and try and DYI it yourself, sometimes if not always you’ll have to bleach your hair, so talk to your stylist about it. It’s very arty and creative with models going from dark at the roots to purple at the tips. Incredibly cool and funky to try out for this summer.



It’s been with us since last season and proves to be a little trooper and not fading anytime soon. The interesting thing about floral this summer is that it just got bigger – instead of just your average girly dress it’s now seen on pants headbands, tights and skirts. Flowers for the win – they’re also available in cute swim suits.

Colours for this summer 

Neon and pastel seem to be this seasons’ colour of choice. They’re two very different colour categories which mean more choices this summer and less of those awkward moment of “oh no that girl has the same colour top as me”. Elegant or bold, shocking or subtle and the best part being stores will stock both of your choices. Go crazy!

Summer is here ladies – so get prepping and start shopping. The shelves are full of goodies this year. The above mentioned are just a few of my favourites there’s still so much to choose from.

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