8 Cleverly formulated essentials for an everyday handbag

It’s no secret that a women’s handbag is not just a bag! It’s the little snugly place where we safeguard a piece of our souls. I might be over exaggerating a little bit but walking around with a bag missing its essentials is like a James Bond movie without the bond girls. It’s just not right!

So this summer why not take your bag to the extreme! Take a quick peek inside, ignore the predictable lip balm, sunglasses and painkillers we all know that they already belong in there. By extreme I mean the clever, innovative and all in one products, the ones that serve as quick fixes and keep you refreshed all day. By just scratching the surface a little bit I already found 8 products that will make this summer effortless when it comes to touch-ups.

Garnier BB- cream 

BB- cream or beauty blemish balm is a multifunctional product with both skincare and makeup properties. It’s an all in one moisturizer combining skin care with mineral pigments to even out skin tone and cover up imperfections. Not only that but Garnier BB-cream also hydrates your skin and has an SPF 15 protecting agent when you find yourself outside.


Maybelene Cover-stick concealer.

I’m sure we all might have a concealer stick at our finger tips – touching up is like breathing for women (I mean that in a good way). But buying a cover stick shouldn’t just be about picking a stick of the shelf. Focus on your problem areas. Having more than 8 different shades to choose from, beauticians recommend Maybelene Cover-stick Consealer either in Green to get rid of red problem areas or Yellow for dark circles or spots. Blend it lightly with your finger tips for a fresh faced makeup look.



I couldn’t write about “must have handbag essentials” without mentioning this old trusty friend. What is a handbag if not for something old? My mother and grandmother lived their daily lives clinging to a tiny little pot of Zam-Buc. It is as they say “the little hospital in your pocket” and is good for almost everything!

Cuts, bruises, scratches, scalds, sores, sprains, cold sores, chafed skin even insect bites. The main ingredients in Zam-Buck are Camphor, eucalyptus oil and thyme all of which are antimicrobial and have analgesic properties. Keep a special place in your bag for this one it might actually just save your life.


Dry Shampoo

The world just keeps getting more inelegant. Dry shampoos soak up the oil and dirt in your hair. Not only does it clean but gives your hair a nice little volume boost. A must have product for long office hours or women on the go. According to total beauty.com the most pleasing products on the market right now are Dove Fresh + Care invigorating dry shampoo which eliminates oil and grease and makes hairdos look light weight. The other is Lush No drought dry shampoo – not only is it the most preferred but it’s also the best smelling product.


JOHNSON’S® Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes

It’s always nice to have a refreshing cleansing product in your handbag. Johnson’s products are known for being skin sensitive and these wipes help with impurities and effectively removing make-up when you feel like you need a do-over. It even removes waterproof mascara leaving your skin hydrated and revitalized.


(It’s no secret that we are huge Lush fans! Their products are innovative, handmade with no chemicals and all natural. For now they’ve only set up shop in the V&A in Cape Town but whispers have surfaced that they might be expanding.) Here are two products that we personally recommend and find very innovative for everyday handbag use:



Non-irritating beeswax cleanser Ultrabland is thick and rich with a combination of essential oils, honey and beeswax. It takes off any make up or residue that builds up on your face throughout the day.



Toothy Tabs

This product just blows my mind. Lush inventors have turned a widely used liquid product into a solid form. Toothy Tabs are vegan, preservative-free and actually effective at cleaning your teeth.

How does it work you ask? Toothy tabs come in the form of a little round pill. Crush your favorite toothy tab between your teeth, wet your tooth brush and scrub away like you would normally. Give your mouth a good rinse afterwards and you’ve just brushed your teeth – it’s perfect for when you go on lunch, untimely visits to the dentist or if you’re just one for brush your teeth occasionally.

Toothy Tabs box

Lush Solid Perfumes.

With 18 different fragrances to choose from this product ensures no leaks or spills in your handbag. Lush Solid Perfumes are like little roll on sticks and are as long as your index finger, tiny enough to save even more space in your bag. Like the other products they don’t contain any chemicals. Dab the product onto your wrist and neck. They’re soft and absorb quickly into your skin with a scent that will compliment your natural smell.


Make sure your handbag is stocked up this summer – not just with the occasional, predictable products but something fresh, clever and invigorating. I always love being the friend everyone comes to when they’re in a jam it makes me feel like I’m always one step ahead. These 8 products are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many more clever products out there – they just need to find a home.

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