7 Weirdly Painful Things Women Do In The Name Of Beauty

The beauty industry has definitely taken over the world, preying on our weakness of wanting to look flawless.

As we have been taught from a young age “beauty has a price” and the price does not only hit the pockets it is painful to bear. It is quite amazing the extent women are willing to go for the name of being “perfect”.

  1. Brazilian Wax

This absolutely torturous act is what most women go through every other month especially in summer. When you see her in that bikini with smooth hairless skin; bow to that ladies, she’s been through real pain to get the look. What goes on in this procedure consists of a woman laying on a table while beauty therapist apply a somewhat hot wax down there and place the strip on the wax covered area and after a few seconds of rubbing the strip it is quickly pull in the opposite direction, ouch! I know, but that is basically what goes on in having a Brazilian bikini wax.

Depilation female legs with waxing, isolated on white background
Depilation female legs with waxing, isolated on white background

Tweezing eyebrows

It seems like women have serious issues with hair right? Well tweezing, not as painful as the Brazilian wax, is also a painful experience especially if you are a first timer. The process includes identifying the shape you want your eyebrow to take and pull each thread of your eyebrows one by one.


High heel shoes

Heels are beautiful are they not? And they make us feel like superwomen but while they offer some kind of glitz and glam they are excruciatingly painful. The ankle somewhat loses life, the knees become numb and the toes burn up. There are horrible testimonies of how heels can affect the leg. There are tips for your convenience to lessen the pain.


Plaiting, braiding, weaving and relaxing

A lot of women will bear witness to these hair scandals. We experienced a whole lot of hair loss trying to make it look more appealing. How many times have you felt the relaxing chemical burning into your scalp? And not forgetting the pulling and twisting of your hair, painful things.

Corsets and body shapers marks

Have you ever worn body shapers and as soon as you took it off you can see traces of where it “did the magic” and the area starts being itchy and sore? They squeeze everything (fat) in; it is no surprise that the aftermath of the magical garment is so visible. Even though these products shape and curve us they come with a lot of pain and for some even bruises.


Age caches up and the unsympathetic wrinkles decide to invade our face. No matter how many “miraculous” creams we use; day and night creams will not make our troubling feelings of aging fade. So what more can we choose to do besides Botox –the injection piercing through the skin and filling up hope of at least few more months of worry-free.


Brush off cellulite

The very new trick on the beauty enhancements, brushing areas which are invaded by cellulite with a brush that has hard bristles; starting downwards and pulling towards your hips; this is said to exfoliate dead cells, detox skin by unclogging pours and increasing circulation. To ensure better results dry bush everyday and never do it on wet skin; it should be completely dry.

Now that everything is revealed and we know things we do that, if done by someone else we would shake our heads profusely in disbelief we can start appreciating the hard work the goes into this whole thing. It does not end with a simple and mere eyeliner that hardly hurts anyone; it is day-to-day bearing of pain in the hands of beauty enhancers. It is with no doubt that it’s hard to be a woman.

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