7 Ways You Can Be Creative With Your Scarf

I know we have a lot of scarves and we would like to be creative with wearing or using them. It is amazing how with only one scarf you can be able enjoy various styles that are so easy a child can handle them.

Use as headscarves or head wraps

To hide your bad hair days or simply to add a touch of style to your outfit you can use your scarf for your head. There are various styles one can indulge in and all these can be achieved by watching a few tutorial videos on YouTube. It does not matter the type of scarf you have, there is a style for each one, well except for the chunky wool scarves.


Use as a shawl

You can use your scarf as a shawl and cover your shoulders. There are some outfits that are too beautiful to be all hidden up with a jacket; if it gets a little chilly throw it over as a shawl to keep you warm and classic at the same time.


Use as a hoodie

We own a few jackets that don’t have hoodies to keep our heads and ears warm and away from the cold. This style is convenient because you can simply pull the scarf over your head and get a multipurpose hoodie plus scarf in one. You will definitely look trendy in this style and that’s a promise.


Use as bag accessory

Have you ever looked at your bag and thought it needed a little sparkle to bring it to life? Well this style will give you what you have always wanted; an accessory for your bag. This is more ideally for the use of small square scarves but you can also play around with the other ones. They are also good for matching your outfit to give it coordination.


Use as a belt

They don’t necessarily hold everything up; they are for decorative sake and standing out. They are simply used as skinny belts. Make sure you use light and shorter rectangular scarves that will roll easily through the loops. They are for the fun types that don’t mind exploring and can be great when worn with denim pants or skirts.


Use as shirt or cardigan

Yes ladies, in the supper hot days we need something that will hang loose and let in some air and what more than a scarf. Have a square scarf for this look and place it on your front ties the first two upper corners over your neck and the two lower corners over your pelvic; that will sure give some air to your back. The other option is using it as a bikini bra-like style; hang your rectangular scarf over your neck with the ends hanging in the front, twist it with the left part turned to the right and vice-verse, let the left part of the hanging scarf cover “the twin” on the left and the right part cover the right “twin” and finally, tie the ends over the back. And for the cardigan look; lay your rectangular scarf and take the corner end of the left and right-hand side and pin it with a safety pin in the middle edge of the scarf. Tadar! You got yourself a cardigan.


Use as the obvious, a scarf

There are a number of ways you can hang your scarf over your neck. There are styles for when you just want to accessorise and those that solely done for warmth sake. You can simply hang it or double-scarf it for a little more thickness. You can tie the small square scarf like the air hostesses do it, simple and sophisticated. Enjoy!


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