7 Reasons To Why You Might Not Be Getting The Sleep You Want

In all the hard day at work; running around trying to fulfil our tasks we wind up worn out. When all is done we want to relax and unwind so our body can reenergise for the next day, and what more way can we do besides sleep. A well, eight hours a day rest can work magic for our production and we know that, that is why we seek sleep wherever it is. It is important that you take your insomnia seriously as it might result to something bigger than just a lack of sleep.


A lot of people have clocks by their bedside table and when you are trying to sleep and you see that it is already 2am and you should wake up at 6am; you start calculating the time remaining for you to have your well needed sleep. You start tossing and turning and your mind starts to get busy with calculations and the impacts of a lack of sleep; you think of whether you are going to make it for the meeting and if you will be able to remember everything for the presentation.

Try to face your clock the other way, better yet put it far away from your reach; this also helps with not bearing the ticking.


Bright lights

You will find that a lot of people switch off all their lights and then leave the bathroom one on; to do the last minute brushing of teeth and moisturising of face. The bright light you have on with the awakening décor of the room tells the brain it is time to get up and when your body receives that information it’s going to be hard to fall asleep.

Try to dim your lights or completely switch them off when doing those tasks.


Bedtime habits

There is nothing wrong with having a habit that you feel helps relax your mind, like reading a book or doing yoga. The only problem is keeping up with your habit; you have gotten your brain into a routine and have informed it that it can only sleep after reading a book.

Try to not start with the habits if you are not going to be able to continue committing to them.


Television and laptops

Bedtime is relaxation time; know that and respect that. When you watch movies and talk shows before bedtime, your brain will play on the scene when it is time for you to sleep; that is where you will relate it all to your life. It is too much brain activity all over again with feelings of guilt, disgust, fear and anger playing in your mind.

Try to not bring your work to bed and watch television in your bedroom.


Smoking, alcohol, coffee and energising foods

All these products act as stimulants and depressant for some. We have learned of the dangers brought by smoking and drinking alcohol and know of how they affect the human body. It should be known by now that they don’t help out with anything. Caffeine will reap your sleep off and make you feel like a zombie in the next morning.

Try to have coffee at least five hours before you go to sleep.


Extreme temperatures

The human body during the day is hot and that is normal to keep us going and during the night it needs cool temperatures to sooth us to sleep. Should the room be too cold or too hot, the body loses its ability to relax. Ever wondered how it is hard to sleep in summer? You can only get the sleep you want when you introduce an air conditioner or fan to the room.

Try to keep your body cool by having temperatures that balance with your body heat.


Busy colour and décor

Your bedroom should be the least creative and colourful room because things like that arouses brain activity. Colours that are too bright make the brain to continue staying awake and thinking of various things. Have calming colours and décor that is not busy; keep bedroom simple and soothing. Leave the adventure in other rooms.

Try to paint your room with colour like lavender or pale green.


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