7 Pets You Can Have At Home

Sometime in the future you might feel the house is a bit empty and decide you need a pet to keep you company and for you to show it love. There are pets that you can choose from and all these need thorough research and consideration of various things like your area and affordability.


You firstly need to research on the breed because various breeds need to be treated differently and keep them away from hazardous things that they could chock on. Feed your puppy dry foods that are suited for dogs; add a little water for the food to be chewable, avoid feeding them your left over food. Try giving them foods that contain meats rather than corn. Stick to a consistent feeding time by feeding dogs younger than 6 years 3-4 times a day. Let them have fresh water which should be changed twice a day.

Get your dog toys and socialising. Walk around with it for an exercise and play with it. Give it treats to promote good behaviour and spray them with water bottle, clap hands hard or say NO! firmly as discipline. Clean them up every, after two weeks with a conditioning or moisturising shampoo.



You need to ensure that you buy the necessities before bringing your pet home; these include a birdcage, which should be big enough and safe so the bird doesn’t escape. The cage should be cleaned every after a week at most; wipe cage and clean up the toys and everything in it and replace sand paper. Your pet needs to be away from dogs and cats and should be in a place where it will be secured but also around you.

Have food, water and bath water for it. And add things that they will be able to play with and try and sterilise the cage and everything in it with hot water. Give your bird a healthy diet and let it out in a secured room so they will be able to fly around.



Research on the fish you want, so you can buy the correct sized tanks, food, filters, substrate and heater. Have natural water plans in the tank and things they will be able to hide from, swim over and around and rest on. You need to feed it 1-3 times a day and change the tank water 1-2 times a week. Turn the lights off at night so they can sleep in peace. And when you introduce new water ensure that you put them in the tank while in the plastic bad so they can get used to the temperature.



Purchase things needed including; water bowls, heater mat, substrate, tank, hiding and climbing things. Baby snakes can have 1pinkie mouse every 5-7 days while a big one will have a mouse every 7-14 days. Change the water and clean the tank. It is advisable that you feed it in a different spot from the tank preferably in a box so they don’t react harshly when you play with them.



They need to be caged and in a quiet place. They live up-to 2-3 years and could grow to 11 inches. You should clean up the “toilet” everyday, the bedding and disinfect the cage. Provide chews for filing their teeth and remember to feed the foods with protein, fat and fiber. Have water with apple cider vinegar which is good for their digestion.



You need to rabbit proof your house and have a litter box. Remember rabbits are herbivorous so they eat growing grass you could substitute with green hay. Groom your rabbit with a soft brush, pick it up every now-and-then and get a litter tray so they can do their business there. Attach a run so they can exercise and a ventilated cage that will be a see through.



Cats need a soft comfortable place for privacy they are fed small meals throughout the day and this is according to size, age and active levels. It could be 2-3 small meals and 4 meals if they are 6-12 weeks. Groom it by combing it, this also strips out dead hair and stimulates blood flow. Have toys so they can play around with them and show them love. Have drinking water on the side not milk.


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