5 Unique Ways To Get Married

We all have at some point in our childhood envisioned how the big day will be, the virtual reception area with the white gown, beautiful tower cake and exotic honeymoon.


At that point the groom changed from the boy next door to Brad Pitt or some celebrity making the scene. Finding that special someone to share all the good and bad times with is something exceptional and the moment he pops the question we can’t help but feel complete; hearing the wedding bells, and the excitement of bringing a lifelong idea into reality is fulfilling.

With the conventional ways of tying the knot being slowly abandoned there are unlimited ways of making your special day fitting to whom and what you stand for. Goner those days were unpleasing gowns were passed from one generation to another, with something blue, something borrowed or something old. Brides all over the world are daring to take their big day to another level, making them different and an experience on its own. A wedding exuding character and uniqueness, this is what a bride deserves to have as a memorable day. Here are a few ideas for different brides to wed:

The adrenaline pump airplane and bridge wedding

There is something about doing things that are out of the ordinary and to wed 60 000 feet above the ground is pure magical. This will surely be for the spontaneous couple that love travelling and not shy to share their intimate moment with strangers. It is as simple as boarding a plane to whatever destination chosen by the couple for their honeymoon, killing two birds with one stone. Invitation cards handed to the passengers as they board the plane and as soon as it is safe for the couple to stand, the ceremony starts.

Ever looked out of a window and was met by the view of the city lights, buildings and cars moving up and down? Well that sums things up, a wedding up by the bridge with the sweet city sounds and breeze. This will definitely have photos like something from a model portfolio.


The arty museum and splendid theater wedding

The creative bones can also have their big day in a place that signifies what they live for, an art museum. The wedding cake being an artistic thought brought to life with guests drinking from ion zinc cups as oppose to glasses and cushions of different colours and patterns used as seats. Imagine black and white photos of the couple in frames hanging by beautiful artistry from different artist.

A wedding is initially to put attention and celebrate the couple about to wed and what more ways to shine than to be on stage with guests sitting in the audience watching your life unravel before their eyes.


The Geeky Library wedding

Tying the knot surrounded by visionaries in a form of books, journals and novels. Even though this might sound a bit cocky it actually is one of a kind with the couple reciting vows taken from writings of their favourate authors and the theme being the “geek look” requiring every guest to wear spectacles. The reception area will have a pen and paper for every guest to write words of good wishes and advice for the young couple and later on compile all the letters to a mini book. The couple’s dance will be to an old school boogie tune with both the young couple dressed in sneakers. It can be taken to another level with pictures of the vintage feel.

No matter what kind of weeding you want to have brides should remember that at the end of the day all is done to celebrate the love they share with their grooms. Whether it being up high in the skies or down below the waters what matters is that the couple is happy about everything.

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