10 things men hate in relationships


There is nothing more annoying than a nagging woman! Nagging is being constantly harassed to do something. The weird thing about nagging is it isn’t a sure way to get something done; it just makes the guy want to run! Even the bible says “Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife” Proverbs 21:19


Using Sex as manipulation

Sometimes women withhold sex to control the man’s behaviour to manipulate them into doing what they want. It can be a destructive weapon when women seduces a man into saying yes to something he might have said no to as he will learn to resent her.

Little or no sex

We all know Men need sex! It is as important to him as food and sleep! Men think about sex all the time so the question is do you want your man thinking about you or the woman he works with! Sex is a vital part of a healthy relationship and girls don’t pretend you don’t like, you are missing out too! If you really don’t enjoy sex learn to love it! Get some skills in the bedroom.

The silent treatment

Guys hate the silent treatment because they want a reaction, any reaction instead of being ignored. It makes them feel as though you have the upper hand and are trying to control them. Even guys have feelings believe it or not and they just think you do not care when you do not talk. Silence actually speaks volumes. Be honest ladies, we just do it to get a reaction!

Unanswerable questions

“Do I look fat in this?” Why do women even ask this? The man will have no option but to say “No”, unless he wants to sleep on the couch that night. Us women do sometimes just need to be told we look beautiful and men do not always notice the small things so we try to prod them along but it really does not work.

Being disrespected

Talking down to a man like he is a child or putting him down, especially in front of his friends. Men like to feel appreciated and they love having their ego’s built up. When you respect them they in turn respect you. It goes both ways.

Too clingy or too independent

Oh we women just can’t win! We have to be the right mix, not so clingy that the man feels smothered. We have to give them their space, trust them and not depend on them too much and yet we cannot be so independent that they do not feel needed or important or intimidated.

Talking about relationship issues with others

This is a big one. You have a huge fight and go running to your friend or mother to vent, you say a few things about your partner out of frustration and raw emotion, but then you and your man make up and everything is forgotten. It is forgotten between the two of you but whoever you spoke to doesn’t forget. In fact sometimes they use it as ammo in the future or rub it in every time they see your partner.

Talking during a game or match

I am sure every lady knows this one! Never interrupt a game, especially to have a long chat or ask questions. This is not the time to bring up relationship issues or complain about work. The only reason you could probably get away with interrupting is to bring him a beer!

Trying to change him

Many girls make the mistake of getting into a relationship with a few red flags; maybe he drinks too much or dresses badly, whatever it is she believes that in time she can change those things. Maybe a few women succeed in getting a man whipped to do as she says and obey her every command but generally men do not like this. They will grow to resent it and you for not accepting them the way they are


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